Roland Dürre
Friday February 12th, 2016

Three Phrases that can Destroy all Joy and Courage.

And I mean both for yourself and for others.

So klein ist der Mensch. Am linken Rand Muhamed, Führer und Freund.

We are back home! Humans are such small creatures. On the left, you can see Muhamed, our guide and friend.

Last week was the first time I saw the tombs and temples of the Pharaos. I learned many new things and had time to ponder.
I became aware of three phrases that can make life harder. The first one is

Yes, BUT …“
Early in life, I learned that it is probably not a good idea to say “yes, but” too often. It happened while I underwent management coaching.

In entrepreneurial everyday-life, I sometimes suffered under the “yes, but” attitude of the people around me. It probably never gained us very much.

When we decided
Hurrah, we will go on our first ever cultural Nile river trip!
the phrase re-surfaced.
I often heard it – sometimes I even heard myself saying it.

Yes, but what about our carbon dioxide footprint …
(a problem I take rather seriously) 
Yes, but aren’t cultural trips always so tedious …
(a temple a day, and sometimes two…)
Yes, but what about the long travel until we get there …
(it took almost 13 hours, first the train to Nuremberg, then the flight to Hurghada on the Red Sea and from there the bus to Luxor – another 380 km).
Yes, but we cannot do it because of the terrorist threat …
(while two trains collided in Munich)
and so on, and so forth …
And how stupid we would have been had we abstained from this trip!
The second phrase I mean is
Being opposed to something!

How often do I catch myself opposing something?
I oppose the gigantic subsidies of business cars. I oppose fascism. I oppose the stupidity of politicians. I oppose the coal harbour on the Barrier Reef in Australia. I oppose waste of food. I oppose bureaucracy. And so on, and so forth …

Just a few years ago, my friend Jolly Kunjappu declared that “being opposed to something” is a negative concept that will push you down. Why don’t we, instead, focus on what is nice, what we like and what we appreciate? This concept will give us courage and joy.

The third phrase is one that I was made aware of by Moslam last week. Moslam was our guide during our Nile river trip. We became friends. He regularly travels to Germany. Consequently, we also talked about his experiences in my home country and he told me how it always moves him when his German friends keep saying:
“We must …“

I know very well from my own experience what he means. I must go and buy some milk. After that, I must write an IF Blog article and evaluate business plans. And then I must meet Barbara for lunch at the Artemis (the Greek restaurant just around the corner). And in the afternoon, I must meet friends from the university at the Forschungsbrauerei for the brown ale initiation. And tomorrow, I must go and attend the

But then, isn’t it wonderful that I can go and buy milk. After all, it is not at all a matter of course that, just around the corner, you can buy good milk in the brown bottle with 3.8 % fat. It actually still tastes like milk! And I always enjoy dining at the Artemis, because there the food tastes excellent and the Greek landlord and landlady are always so friendly. The Forschungsbrauerei, too, is always worth visiting and at the , there are so many impulses waiting to tell me what I can do – thanks to the diversity of cultures and regions on our great planet.

These are all things I enjoy doing, because they are just wonderful – so why would I have to do them?

In a nutshell, I would say:
It pays to think and write in a “positive” way. If that is what you decide to do, you will feel and think more and more like it!

Pure luxury between Luxor and Assuan. Isn’t life just great?

Luxus pur von Luxor nach Assuan. Das Leben ist schön!

Luxus pur von Luxor nach Assuan. Das Leben ist schön!

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Thursday December 24th, 2015

A Merry Christmas to You All!

Dear IF Blog readers,

Let me use the special occasion for formulating a few very personal ideas. is something I mainly write for myself. It is like a diary, where I write about topics and ideas that moved me. I feel better for writing them down.

The publication of these ideas is because I like sharing them. Just like I also like hearing about and processing other people’s ideas. None of my ideas was born because I am such a creative personality. All of them contain messages from other persons in my social environment. Because I am part of something bigger. And this something differs between individuals. This is how we all live very individual lives as a collective unit. “Individual” versus “collective” is the most demanding of all balancing acts.

I think if we all were to open up more often, working together we might probably be able to create a better world in the sense of consideration, appreciation, eye-level, belonging, openness, respect, transparency, ratio, trust and values. And we could master many challenges that threaten us with simple and slim solutions.

Under this light, I would like to thank all those persons who once in a while read the IF Blog and wish you all only the best:

A Merry Christmas, a good start of the New Year and health and contentedness as part of a successful year 2016!

Jumbos first birthday. Celebrate your life.

»Jolly Kunjappu – »Jumbo‘s first birthday. Celebrate your life.«
Acryl and wax crayon on canvas

This wonderful picture by my friend Jolly was our Christmas Greetings of 2013 at InterFace AG. If you enlarge it, you will find many positive messages. It is a good likeness of what I would like the IF Blog to be: a colourful message of courage, joy and peace.

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Friday December 20th, 2013

Merry Christmas

Jolly Kunjappu
»Jumbo‘s first birthday. Celebrate your life.«
Acryl and wax crayon on canvas

Jumbos first birthday. Celebrate your life.

This beautiful picture drawn by my friend Jolly was what is printed on the front side of the InterFace AG 2013-Christmas Card. We selected it because it is colourful, exudes a message of courage, joy and freedom and because it is a symbol for “Merry Christmas” totally neutral in terms of religion and culture.

Jolly was born in Madras (Chennai) in Southern India in 1950. I was born in the same year in Augsburg/Bavaria. Jolly is a philosopher, composer and musician, painter, keynote speaker and performance artist. In his spare time, he also owns a very special Indian restaurant in the Zweibrückenstr. (Indian Mango – quite close to the Deutsches Museeum). He has been living in Munich since 1970 and he works all around the world.

I am a day labourer, free spirit, entrepreneur, father of a family and much more. I particularly like eating out at the Indian Mango. For instance today.

Jolly and I are brothers in spirit. With his picture, we wish you and all those you love, as well as the entire world, a very peaceful, happy Christmas in harmony. And may philanthropy dominate in your lives in 2014 and may your world be free of enmity.

(Translated by EG)

Roland Dürre
Tuesday October 15th, 2013

It Makes Me Happy To Bring Promote Friendships.

On this picture, you can see Jolly Kunjappu and Stefan Hagen. They are both friends of mine, yet did not know each other. Then I heard that Jolly is going to speak in Dornbirn. Dornbirn, however, is Stefan’s domain. Consequently, I had to get active – and bring these two together.

Regardless of his totally full calendar, Stefan was able to watch the presentation by Jolly. Afterwards, they met.

kunjappu_hagen_3546And they both radiate happiness.

🙂 And it makes me truly happy to see two friends of mine enjoying the fact that they were introduced to each other.

(Translated by EG)

Of course, writing about Dr. Stefan Hagen makes me think of the PM Camp. So do not forget::
Between November 14th and 18th, 2013, we will have our next fabulous barcamp for project management in Dornbirn. There are still some vacancies, also on the list of sponsors.

Roland Dürre
Sunday August 12th, 2012

Never Be Against Something!

A short time ago, I was lucky enough to make the acquaintance of Jolly. He made a huge impression on me. And I was truly delighted when I met him again.

Jolly is Jolly Kunjappu. He is from India, where he grew up as one of six children in a very wealthy merchant family. When he was still very young his family was suddenly impoverished because their enterprise collapsed. At the time, this meant going hungry in India.

The only things that remained for Jolly were his education and his courage. Consequently, he became very successful. As a musician, artist, entrepreneur, coach and trainer. But he remained humane. I perceive him as a very wise and great man. He enjoys sharing his strength, delight and courage with others. I, too, am one of those he shared them with.

Meeting him just twice, I learned a lot from Jolly. A few wise and prudent words that seemed small at the time and yet are great. They promoted my courage and reduced my fear.

From our last conversation, I learned something that was news to me:

Never Be Against Something!

Basically, it is very simple and clear:    
If I am against something, then everything I am opposed to will work against me, too. Now that makes me irritated with a lot. And I perceive that much that is not as I would wish it to be makes me small. I suffer from this. It is detrimental for me, taking away my strength and courage.

If, on the other hand, I am for something, I can delight in everything, all developments and ideas that point towards what I am in favour of. As soon as what I am in favour of will increase, I will be delighted and feel a success. I will become more courageous and will find nice similar-minded people who become partners. And together, we will be strong.

Since our last meeting, I constantly remind myself of this small piece of enlightenment. And even after a short time, I feel how it makes me more and more happy each day.
So now I am no longer against useless noise, but instead in favour of quiet. No longer against “being suppressed”, but in favour of liberty. No more against fear, but in favour of courage. No longer against hatred, but in favour of love. No more against war, but in favour of peace. And I am absolutely in favour of enlightenment and tolerance!

Many thanks, Jolly!

(Translated by EG)

Among other things, Jolly owns a nice Indian restaurant in the middle of beautiful Munich, at Zweibrückenstraße, It is called Indian Mango. It is the first Indian restaurant in Munich where Indian food tasted as nice to me as it did in India. I can very much recommend it. Maybe we will meet there one day?

Roland Dürre
Friday April 29th, 2016


Denker, Künstler und vor allem Mensch.

Thinker, artist, and, above all: human being.

It seems that yesterday’s kick-off for the project peace was a success. I think we, and in particular Jolly, reached the people. We also produced nice video material and will soon discuss what and how to best process all this material.

Roland M. DürreNewly invigorated, we will now continue on our way. We are looking for allies and collecting crazy ideas. And we will all think about it all and then start new activities.

I would like to thank all those who came for being there and supporting us.

In my presentation of a little more than 30 minutes, I introduced Jolly, related why I, from now on, will focus more and more on the project PEACE, told you why I am optimistic and tried to make you understand that it is time to act.

We will make Jolly’s and my presentations available online. Here is mine in a nutshell, along with a few links for video recordings:

Introduction: Jolly (we are project partners)

  • First met at the Munich Chess Academy;
  • Immediately understood that we are “brothers in spirit”;
  • He is an artist and philosopher and a
  • Modern Robin Hood;
    Through his life philosophy he convinces the rich to share their wealth with the poor.
  • He lives what he talks about and engages himself for more togetherness and peace.

Why do I do this (motivation)?

  • Grateful for so many good things life gave me, wanting to give something in return;
    • Private reasons (marriage, family, children);
    • Always having enough to eat and never going cold;
    • Wonderful teachers, circles and communities;
    • Learned endlessly;
    • Successful in business and social life;
  • Adventures
    • War and early home – 1950ies;
      (inner peace)
    • Tschernobyl – 1980ies;
      We have to join;
    • Cuba crisis – 1960ies;
      (a still traumatized society is afraid of the great war)
    • Vietnam
      (My experiences with young GI-s in the 1960ies);
      And many more wars!
      (peace among humans, nations and all sorts of societies)
    • Annoyed about not having done things better, regardless of having known better.
    • Continue with the task that generations before me started (forefathers – models).
      (Carl Amery, John Lennon, Konstantin Wecker, Willy Michl, Ghandi or Martin Luther King)
    • The engineering knowledge that we need a great transformation, and that we need it rather quickly and perhaps on a radical scale – otherwise we will be finished in a few generations.
    • Soon 66 years old – and I feel more and more that Peace is the only thing that really counts in my life

Why I am hopeful (optimism)?

  • War gets more and more absurd!
  • 13,500 cyber soldiers (13500 Cyber-Soldaten)
    (harmless model – the concept of a permanent cyber war give me pause)
  • Body leasing of soldiers as a new quality of mercenaries
    (they used to sell individual persons as mercenaries, today this habit becomes the normal entrepreneurial profit concept of capital companies).
Examples: Academi (between 1997 and 2007 Blackwater USA, until 2009 Blackwater Worldwide, until 2011 Xe Services LLC, since 2014 part of Constellis Holdings) is the biggest US security and military enterprise.
  • War robots
    Atlas  is a Boston Dynamics project for the US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency and as far as I know, Boston Dynamics used to be Alphabet (Google), now sold, because it is military-oriented and On new ways of warfare, an overview (Übersicht).
  • New knowledge from neurology and philosophy
    • We totally misunderstood issues such as personal criminal responsibility and free will;
    • Ratio is only a very small part of the human being;
    • We are not those free thinkers and controllers. Instead, we are all trapped in our socialization that is formative for our subconscious. This might be another reason why, when all is said and done, we are all very much social creatures. After all, our subconscious has been generated by socialization, i.e. by other people.
  • The internet changes the world.
    The digital and social networks of “friendly persons” with their readiness to act together increases.
  • Success stories:
    (NextHamburg, Urbanauten, self-made, Open Source Communities, NGOs but also enterprises)
    Installing these “free communities” by yourself will become the main means by which to solve actual problems in the future (infra-structure topics and smart cities). Among other things, this is because it would be asking too much of the fatherland to do it.

So how to go about it? (strategies)

  • Instead of talking, we have to act! Get up! Do something!
  • We have to begin with ourselves;
  • No indoctrination, only impulses and inspiration;
  • Peace and liberty;
  • Living in love;
  •  Connecting with art and artists?
  • Snow-ball principle?
  • Plenty of ideas.
  •  …

And then came: Jolly …

Finished late in the evening in the train from Stuttgart to Munich, going to a good weekend and already a little on the way to Rome on Saturday.
(Translated by EG)

JOERG ROTHERMEL wrote a beautiful facebook comment:

“Instead of talking, we should act! Get up”! Do something!“
well, here is an feminist article:…/ich-denke…/
I find it especially nice to read the question if “Macker“ is derived from “Macher“!

Well, this really hits home. Because my formulations were very masculine. Except: I think this is how men and women are. This is totally free of judgement. And since I am a man, I consider women beautiful goddesses. Incidentally, the post behind the link is worth reading.

Yet, I do not see it as a contradiction. It looks more like a huge supplement to me.

Because in my concept, you will find:
“Instead of talking, we have to act! Get up” Do something!“
NOT to mean: COCK-FIGHTS, WARS, DEMONSTRATIONS, PROPAGANDA and MISSIONARIES: It almost annoys me that I called our enterprise “PEACE” project PEACE. After all, in my personal radical concept, the common understanding of project is already typically chauvinistic behaviour. And I consider it important that teams of men and women basically NEED NO project managers.

For me, it is the METAPHER for:

FOR: “Not letting us be suppressed by YOU CANNOT DO THAT, not letting us be manipulated by MARKETING, or influenced by INDOCTRINATION.
FOR: “Stopping to swallow all the RUBBISH POLITICIANS try to tell us and instead COURAGEOUSLY reacting with CIVIL COURAGE.
FOR: “APPRECIATING ourselves and ALL HUMAN AROUND US, winning back the CREATION and our ENVIRONMENT, and living with mutual respect and LOVE as a formative maxim and ELEMENT of OUR EVERYDAY LIVES.
FOR: “Quickly forming alliances with FRIENDLY PERSONS (rather than angry citizens) and actually changing the world for the better through COURAGE and happiness”
FOR: “first and foremost: changing your own habits and finding JOY and LOVE inside!“


Why should not the sexes meet on that basis!?