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Saturday July 6th, 2013

2nd IF FORUM 2013: “Jean Paul & Hypertext”

KlappertFrau Dr. Annina KlappertFrau Dr. Annina Klappert
is our speaker at the second IF Forum of 2013. She will tell us about:

Jean Paul and Hypertext

On July, 11th, 2013, she will give an entire IF Forum presentation at our Unterhaching InterFace building.

Here is a short outline:

During the 20ieth century, the data volume kept increasing – and along with it the problem of data access.

Well, considering when he lived, Jean Paul actually was quite a “professional” when it came to collecting data. Also, he was already confronted with the same problems, though on his own scale. Using his special excerpt technology, he not only collected knowledge, but also linked it in an intelligent way.

So we can actually ask today as Jean Paul asked then: how can data be stored and linked?

And how can we acquire new knowledge from those data?

A short glimpse at the aesthetics of Jean Paul can show us his concept of wit and also teach us possible linking technologies. On the whole, the method of writing as theoretically overloaded in Jean Paul’s ‘pre-school of aesthetics’ and practiced in his poetic works can show us why today’s hypertext systems are so helpful, how they function in their structuring of knowledge and what are their challenges.

About the speaker:

Frau Dr. Annina Klappert wrote her dissertational thesis at Bonn University on: “Die Perspektiven von Link und Lücke. Sichtweisen auf Jean Pauls Texte und Hypertexte” – The Perspectives of Link and Gap. Views on Jean Paul’s Texts and Hypertexts. Between 1999 and 2004, she worked at the Köln Forschungskolleg SFB/FK 427 “Medien und kulturelle Kommunikation”.

Frau Klappert is currently an employee at the chair of General and Comparative Literature at Erfurt University. Her interests and special fields of research are: virtual theories, hypertext theories, slip boxes as knowledge technology and digital practice, as well as modern literature.

The If Forum will take place at our Unterhaching headquarter building in the seminar zone on the top floor. We start at 18.00 hours. We look forward to welcoming our guests! As always, you can register for the IF Forum by sending an E-Mail.

Here is an overview of the three “Jean Paul presentations” of the year 2013.

A Visit to the Present

Jean Paul presentations at the IF Forum

In 2013, our IF Forum will be about how modern Jean Paul’s topics and ideas actually are.
With presentations on entrepreneurship, hypertext, wit and new media, we want to project new perspectives and questions to the Here and Now. Why don’t you join us?

Jean Paul the entrepreneur

Jean Paul was one of the first German authors who actually made a living out of his writing. Mind you, he did so regardless of a start under very difficult circumstances. He visited the intellectual centres of his time: Leipzig, Weimar, Berlin – and his books were a success to make Goethe envious. When Jean Paul married, even the Prussian Queen invited him for tea and gave him a silver tea set.

Jean Paul did not owe his ascent and success to accident, but to careful planning with entrepreneurial instinct. Even when times turned bad and the Napoleonic wars devastated half of Europe, he still was able to maintain his position. The way Jean Paul combined success and sustainability looks still remarkably modern today. .
Our speaker Bernhard Echte, scientific literature expert, exhibition organizer and publicist, worked many years as director of the Zürich Robert Walser archive. Today, the entrepreneur has his own publishing company: “Nimbus, Kunst und Bücher”.

The presentation will be on: April, 11th,  2013 (Thursday) | Starting at:  18.00 Hours | At InterFace AG, Unterhaching

Jean Paul and Hypertext

Even before he called himself Jean Paul, young Johann Richter read everything he could lay hands on: hardly any of the books actually belonged to him. Whatever he read, he excerpted in notebooks. In those same notebooks, he also commented ideas currently coursing through his head. Jean Paul added catch phrases to his entries, now called tags. In this way, he created a huge private encyclopedia. It was structured like a modern database and was the foundation of his literary work. Only through his database, Jean Paul was able to realize his unique style. A style that is at the same time erratic and precise. He managed to turn the financial misery of his youth into a virtue the result of which surprises us to this day.

Our speaker Annina Klappert, is a scientist at the seminar for General and Comparative Literature at Erfurt University. Her dissertational thesis is a structural comparison of Jean Paul’s texts and hypertexts. Her scientific research is mainly concerned with media, references and virtual reality.

The presentation will be on: July, 11th, 2013 (Thursday) | Starting at:  18.00 Hours | At InterFace AG, Unterhaching

Jean Paul, wit, post-modernism and the new media

He was a “God-Denier” and an “intellectual disintegrator”, a fervent cosmopolitan, sceptic and joker. His educational theory “Levana” is highly praised, since it advertises wit and irony against the strict no-nonsense attitude of Fichte’s oratory as the basis of a healthy personality. In his policy of “the third person between Germandom and Bonapartism”, you can anticipate the post-modern indecision between the opposing poles of “the truth”. With his aesthetics of straying, he already uses the interruptive and jumpy hypertext aesthetics of the internet. Who was this man who hardly ever left home and still intellectually and mentally was way ahead of his contemporaries?
Our speaker Roberto Simanowski is professor for media sciences at Basel University. He is concerned with the changes in writing caused by the digital era and publishes the online journal dichtung-digital – journal for digital aesthetics.

The presentation will be on November, 7th, 2013 (Thursday) | Starting at 18.00 Hours  | At InterFace AG, Unterhaching

(Translated by EG)

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