I want to use this edition of my bi-weekly news and invite you to two great evening events. They will both take place next week, one at Unterhaching and one in Munich:

On Wednesday, you can attend the IF Forum at our office building (InterFace AG, Unterhaching), Friday is BICCnight time, which is an event of BICCnet.

1. IF Forum

This Wednesday’s IF Forum on July, 20th, 2011 after 6 p.m., will be the second part of the trilogy  “Humans&Knowledge(Science)”.
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Haszprunar

will talk about

Evolution or Creation?
Attempt at a Synthesis.

For details, click






Seats are still available. As always, you can register via email with Claudia Toth (Claudia.Toth@InterFace-AG.de).

2. BICCnight

The BICCnight “it@media”, organized by BICC-net, is scheduled for Friday, July, 22nd,  2011, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Bayerischer Runfunk building. The exact location is: the foyer of the scycraper building at Arnulfstr. 22, 80335 Munich (quite close to Munich Central Station). The contribution by InteFace is my presentation about “What’s new, pussycat?”.

The BICC-net people kindly allowed me to invite you with company to attend the first BICCnight at the Rundfunkhaus. Why don’t you just come and enjoy the surprise program, along with an inspiring night full of discussions and music? The atmosphere will be family-like and exclusive, at the same time media-intensive and informative.

I particularly invite friends who have a strong connection to computer science and/or the media.

Please note that registration is absolutely necessary (that is also true for your company). You should have registered by July, 20th. Send an email to event@bicc-net.de. Admission is free, but the number of seats is limited. The BICCnight motto is “it@media” (IT meets Media). I would be very happy to see a few familiar faces.

I wish you a nice summer – and if you go abroad, I wish you a nice vacation.

Roland Dürre
(Translated by EG)

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