On the way back from the Mountain Church Fair in Erlangen, going by regional express train to Nürnberg, a collector of empty bottles for the deposit takes the seat next to ours. She is in an excellent mood, has already collected 17 Euros and has an additional three plastic bags full of glass bottles on her.

Competition is enormous, is what she says. The Mountain Church Fair is a stroke of luck. The sections of the soccer stadium are taken already. Plastic bottles of higher value (such as Aldi or Pet) are scarce, and the glass bottles are rather heavy.

In Nürnberg, we go separate ways. She continues her journey on the regional express train to Eichstatt, we take the ICE to Nürnberg, which (naturally) is late. The lounge for Railway Comfort Customers closes at 9 p.m., so we have to make do with MacClean, where it costs 1 Euro to use the restroom (just for a leak for men).

What a comfort that I need not earn my money collecting bottles for the deposit. Isn’t it grotesque having to collect 13 beer bottles for being able to afford one leak?

I find it a disgrace that public toilets in railway stations now cost one Euro. Poor Germany.

But we can afford a new federal debt of 50 billion for who knows what. And an inflation rate of 0 % (not long ago, MacClean in Munich cost 70 cents).

Tell me how I am supposed to understand this!

(written on the way back to Munich in the ICE)
(translated by EG)

And here is another sad song:

2 Kommentare zu “7 Cents for an Empty Beer Bottle – 100 Cents for Using the Restroom (Pissoir) ♫”

  1. Jörg (Friday May 29th, 2009)

    Jupp, das mit den aufgeteilten Revieren hab ich am Stuttgarter Hbf auch schon bemerkt 😉
    Hier kostet das “Wasser lassen” allerdings nur 50 Cent 😉

  2. rd (Monday June 1st, 2009)

    Hi, ist Stuttgart billig! Oder war das vielleicht so und ist jetzt auch schon teuerer geworden. In München waren wir auch mal bei 70 Cent (MacClean am Ostbahnhof). 🙂
    Finde übrigens den Namen MacClean bescheuert.
    Clean New World 😉

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