if_button250x112 It is nowhere near as easy as I looks to come up with a good “About” , even though such an “About” is extremely important for a blog.

And it is important – also for the team itself – to reflect upon our self-conception once in a while see if it needs modification.

So here – as a supplement to our IF-blog About comes an “extended about“:

We are a team defined by compatible values. Such as:

  • We are in favour of sense and courage and against stupidity and fear.
  • We prefer using common sense and human durability to using dogmas and prejudices.
  • We are for freedom and against censorship.
  • We favour civil courage and tolerance, rather than cowardice and ignorance.
  • We want autonomy, instead of constraint.
  • We want freedom, instead of violence.
  • We want decency and regardfulness, instead of regardlessness.
  • We want teams and clusters, instead of isolation and loneliness.

🙂 That almost sounds like a party program!

RMD (in the name of the team)
(translated by EG)

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