Roland Dürre
Sunday September 5th, 2010

Farewells. ♫

Today, we are going home. The tent has been struck and our VW bus is packed. It was a wonderful vacation. I spent two weeks in an unbelievably beautiful environment.

Soon, we are leaving. It was a great time.

Each morning, the sun woke me in all its magnificence and then it accompanied me all day long. In the evening, he handed the sceptre on to the moon and stars.

I always went with few clothes and barefoot where possible. More often than not, I indulged in the tepid salt water or lazily enjoyed lying in the sun. All around me, there was nature in its maximum beauty, no matter if in the tent or when going places by boat or bike.

I was permitted to experience life as it can be. Now I say my farewells to our berth, the beach and the ocean. The sound of the waves accompanied me day and night. I will miss it.

At this time, I would like to thank my travelling companions, Barbara and Maresa, as well as Sofia and Christian for contributing so hugely to the success of our time spent together.

And I try to say “Good-Bye” in a state of profound awareness.

Who knows if I will ever see this beautiful place again?


(Translated by EG)


🙂 The modern way of describing it would be: that was nature pure 7 x 24.

But it is time to say goodbye …


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