Last Sunday, there was a picture of our Federal Chancellor, Frau Dr. Merkel, in the onboard newspaper of MeinSchiff. The corresponding article contained some of what Frau Merkel had written for the “Tagesspiegel am Sonntag” of July, 5th, 2009.

I had to read no further than the first sentence to start getting thoughtful:

she will stand up for “getting the federal expenses back to a sustainable path after the crisis”.
This is a sentence that can only have originated with our Federal Chancellor: First she says she wants to “stand up for“ something. That really has the sound of firmness. Like you want to stand up while everybody else is lying down. And then:

After the crisis!

Now the crisis is over, so let’s get back to business as usual? Does Frau Merkel really think it will be that easy? Does she not know better? Doesn’t she understand that we are just at the beginning of a structural change which will turn everything topsy turvy? Or is it just that she does not want to tell her stupid children the truth.

Get federal expenses back to a sustainable path?!

In my opinion, this choice of words is really sharp. Federal expenses, like sheep, have digressed from the path of virtue and will be led back to the path of sustainability by the shepherdess and her shepherd’s dog. Currently, the shepherd’s dog is allowed to do a bit of barking, but after this, everything will continue as before in the great coalition.

Or is this sentence a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Is the hidden message that we will soon see a political turn-about towards sustainability? But then the word back is not correct, because sustainability has never been among our politician’s set of values.
Well, I guess you should never use the rules of dialectics when analysing something our Federal Chancellor said publicly. All it gains you is that you get confused and drift from the true belief or digress from the right path. And there is no doubt that there is a nice sound to the above sentence.

How nice to make politics with bullets of words and then the bullets lie around on the path and are forgotten.


Today, I read another sentence on the G8 page of the SZ: “The path leads to the G8”. And it says a huge success has been achieved even before they started with their negotiations: There is general agreement that the world temperature must not rise by more than 2 degrees. Only there is no consensus as to how this goal can be reached.
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2 Kommentare zu “Absurdities in the Onboard Newspaper – Our Chancellor last Sunday!”

  1. Chris Wood (Wednesday July 8th, 2009)

    Ich glaube das Nachhaltigkeit doch ein Ziel unsere Regierung war. Die wollte nachhaltig an der Macht bleiben, mit ein Bisschen Wachstum und Inflation. Nur hat man nicht gut genug verstanden wie man das erreicht. Wahrscheinlich ist es sowieso unmöglich, auch wenn das Wachstum zu Zero tendiert.

    Ich glaube nicht an eine neue große Koalition. CDU, FDP und CSU werden regieren. Die armen Leute werden kurzfristig schlechter da stehen. Was danach kommt ist sehr unklar.

    Kann man mir erklären was “im Sinne von Dialektik” bedeutet?

  2. rd (Wednesday July 8th, 2009)

    “Im Sinne der Dialektik” verstehe ich bei so kurzen Aussagen das Prüfen der Aussage im Hinblick auf Inhalt und Sinn. Die Bedeutung der verwendeten Begriffe wird separat und im Zusammenhang geprüft, etwaig vorausgesetzte Implikationen ge- und untersucht, die Gültigkeit der gemachten Aussagen hinterfragt.

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