Soon the time will come when you will no longer be permitted to buy normal electronic bulbs in the European Community, only Energy-Saving Bulbs (or halogen lights). And there will also be a law forcing you to use exclusively environment-friendly electronic motors.

The underlying concept is that a lot of energy can be saved by decree.

Here is my contribution:

JeansIn order to produce a pair of jeans, you allegedly (SZ) need 8,000 litres of water. That is much, probably too much.

Now let us assume that you need only a third of the material you would need for a proper pair of jeans if you produce a pair of shorts in the same jeans material. That means you would only need a third of the water to produce that material. (In fact, if you take the extremely short jeans of my great love, you could save even more).

Consequently, let us make a law. In summertime, you are only permitted to wear shorts made of jeans material! That would save almost 5,400 litres of water per pair of jeans!

With this example, I only want to show how absurd our efforts are. We worry about the symptoms while the core of the problem is elsewhere. We are not even prepared to accept where the real problem lies.

That gives me pause, which is why I will now finish (at least with this article).

(Translated by EG)

2 Kommentare zu “Absurdities – Energy-Saving Electronic Bulbs – Environment-Friendly Electronic Motors – Long Jeans or Short Jeans?”

  1. Chris Wood (Thursday July 23rd, 2009)

    Europe is at least trying a bit. Perhaps cotton goods should be taxed more. Wool production also must need plenty of water, but cotton tends to be grown where water is in short supply, and I think it tends to ruin the soil.

  2. rd (Friday July 24th, 2009)

    Ich glaube nicht, dass Gesetze oder Steuererhöhungen zielführend sind. Meine Sorge ist das hier der Effekt “zwar gut gemeint aber schlecht gemacht” zutrifft. Wir brauchen eine Verhaltensänderung als Folge eine Bewußtseins-, ja einer Kulturwandels.

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