Roland Dürre
Thursday December 17th, 2009

Advent Calendar – December. 17th

Another 7 nights before Christmas!

HIT-News WeihTwenty years ago, in December 1989, we wrote the HIT-News No. 6 (what later became the IF-News) and sent them to our customers.

Almost two decades later, HIT- or now: IF-News have become a well-loved companion both for us and our customers. There was a time when we sent 2,500 copies to our HIT-CLOU-customers four times each year.

In those days, one of our customers was Haarmann&Reimer. They produced flavours and fragrances in Germany. A nice employee of Haarmann&Reimer (today, he is one of our own employees) sent us a small flask of highly intense “Christmas fragrance”.

HitnewsAll of the then 1,600 copies of the HIT-News were sprinkled with a drop of the Christmas fragrance. Everything smelled of Christmas: the office, the VW bus that carried all the copies to the post office, the people who had “fragranced” the magazines.

What a pity that I cannot add Christmas fragrance to this here advent calendar.
INCLUDEPICTURE “” \* MERGEFORMATINET That is something even WEB 2.0 cannot yet deliver.

(Translated by EG)

The second picture shows our Dr. HIT (Lars Schmiedeberg), who always had good advice for our users. Hildegard Heidecker, who was our graphics expert for more than a decade, did the drawing.

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