Roland Dürre
Monday December 19th, 2011

Advent Calendar – December, 19

Another 5 nights to go!

And still we are talking Christmas presents… Today, you get two recommendations in case you cannot think of anything appropriate next week, either. Because these are presents you can probably even still get on the morning of Christmas Eve.

All my readers already know that I rather like “brand eins”. “Brand eins” is, however, still not all that famous. That gives you the chance to make someone a present of something they do not know yet.

That increases the value. After all, many people believe there are no longer and sensible magazines on the market. With “brand eins”, you can easily prove them wrong. It is inspiring and opens new horizons.

And if one copy seems too meagre for your taste, you can still add the current December 2011 edition. It is not yet outdated.

It is good reading material for the hopefully many leisurely hours you will spend during the holidays.

And here is another special treat on the magazine market 032c:

Here is the title page of edition number 18. But the current edition is not available online.

Not just because of
THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS of architecture and design: “Serge often roused himself from a serious conversation with, ‘Chris, let’s go get a sandwich.’”

It costs 10 € and can be ordered through the internet.

But you should only consider this present for people who a) understand a little English and b) like modern graphics and appreciate a life style that is “a little different”.

(Translated by EG)

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