Roland Dürre
Wednesday December 21st, 2011

Advent Calendar – December, 21th

3 nights to go!

Christmas, the festival of love and presents! But we should keep in mind that we can only love others if we also love ourselves. The same is true for presents. Only if you give something to yourself, you can give something to others!

Today’s advent calendar offers a few precious bits of advice how you can combine the two.


Version 1

I am sure you have a little extra money on your account. Perhaps EUROs. Why don’t you lend some of it to a good friend who, for example, is currently building a house! You will get more interest than on your standard bank account. And you will also have security. And your friend will forever feel indebted to you.

Version 2

If you are an “entrepreneur”, that is, if you have a small business that leaves you with a little extra money (today, “entrepreneur” seems to be synonymous with “earning money”, no matter how), then you can present a friend with a priceless gift if he, for instance, has been writing a book or otherwise needs publicity. All you have to do is put a few adverts for his book or activities on your homepage. The cost is easily tax-deducible as company advertising on the financial outgoing side and thus will count as lowering the profit. Of course, you can also subtract the added value tax. In this way, you will share the costs for your friend with the collection office and you can be assured of your friend’s gratitude for a long time to come.

Version 3

I am assuming that you have a beautiful villa situated somewhere where it is really picturesque (or maybe several of both). You like spending your vacation there. If – contrary to all expectations – you do not own this kind of edifice, then I am sure you have a small cottage in the mountains or at least a two-room apartment near the Alps. Why don’t you invite special friends to spend a great adventure holiday by your side?

Of course, you should only present these things to friends who have a significant role in a relevant position. Just remember the sentence above: only if you give something to yourself can you give something to others.

Are you now going to say you have neither extra money on your standard account nor a prosperous business? You do not even own a holiday cottage?

Well, in that case nobody can help you. And you have all my sympathy for Christmas.

(Translated by EG)

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