Roland Dürre
Monday January 24th, 2011

AGORA – Knowledge Advertisements (9)

The first three advertisements have been written.

The first to advertise was Marc Borner. OpenSpace is not the only area Marc is familiar with. He will, however, introduce himself shortly and tell you all he does. Marc’s advertisement is not only interesting; it also serves as a pattern design for all future advertisements.

Well, I was not going to let Marc be the only one, was I? Consequently, I wrote a personal advertisement myself. I have been thinking about it for a long time:

Roland Dürre reads Rupert Lay

And then we met our Dijana Dengler. She is Fide Master and the best chess player I personally know. And she wrote a very interesting advertisement. I always like to call it Chess for Managers. Dijana has been realizing this program for quite some time already – and with huge success.

Now, if you want to read more, click on the market place (Marktplatz) at IF-AGORA

(Translated by EG)

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