Roland Dürre
Wednesday March 2nd, 2016

AktMobCMP – Next Stop: Augsburg!

For Active Mobility in Everyday Life!

Shortly before Epiphany this year, we started the project “Active Mobility” with a barcamp. We spent two very intense days in the Unterhaching Kubiz. More than thirty persons shared their knowledge and together worked towards the so-called “remaining traffic” finally getting a chance to find its appropriate place in the public domain and in society, rather than having the entire transport policy focus exclusively on “motorized individualized traffic”. Considering that we hardly had a network on the topic, the start was quite a good one.

By now, we have found quite a few similar-minded persons. I mean people who, like us, walk distances or else go places by using mostly their own physical strength with vehicles such as bikes, rollers, inline skates, Skate– and Snake boards. They, too, need their space and places in the public domain. This is particularly true for vehicles that are a little “electrified”. As we see it, they are still part of active mobility.

We came up with great insights and actual results. All those who came enjoyed themselves and had much fun. The shared experience gave everybody courage. We also reached a number of partners from all over Germany who were not present but followed our procedures on the social media. The networking is now under way and we can really start.

günterschützOne of the “part-givers” (an artificial word from the world of anti-conferences and barcamps) was Günter Schütz from Augsburg. He already (not only) travelled a lot as an activist in favour of modern mobility in cities that are worth living in. And he is one of the promotors and makers of the bike kitchens we now have in AugsburgMunich and other cities. It seems that the idea originated in the USA and was then carried to Germany via Vienna.

Günter spontaneously proposed to organize another AktMobCmp this year with his friends in Augsburg. And it took no time at all to fix the date:
The first Augsburg (AUX) #AktMobCmp  will be on Friday, May, 20th, 2016 and Saturday, May, 21st, 2016 in the Zeughaus – Holl Saal (Room 112, first floor) near the Zeugplatz in 8615 Augsburg. Many thanks in advance to the Swabian Capital for sponsoring the great location through its Agenda 21!

And many thanks also to the host, the Transition Town Augsburg e.V. with the team around Günter, who took upon themselves quite a task (let me cite from the #AktMobCmpAUX or also #AktMobCamp2 – because we are not yet quite sure how to adequately name the day – website):

We want to see to it that mobility under your own muscular steam is no longer seen as “the remaining traffic”. We want to build a network among persons who want to promote active mobility in everyday life. We want to exchange ideas, relate our experiences, develop new ideas and make them heard. Such a thing cannot be done in the form of a congress or conference. That is why we organize anti-conferences and barcamps on active mobility.

The team also came up with a motto for their event:

Living together in the city!

This is all about how we work both together and against each other in traffic. How can we organize ourselves in order to make it possible for both the motorized and non-motorized traffic to function not just alongside each other, but also together in such a way that there is as little stress and danger as possible in our cities?

As I see it, much remains to be done if we want to promote a “species appropriate” life for humans in the “smart and mega cities” of the future. And we will have to start with traffic and mobility. And all this is probably about how to make it work.

First and foremost, we now have to find many participants (part-givers) who will just come and join us. Perhaps, after more than thirty “initiators” in Unterhaching, we can now attract a three-digit crowd? I am also looking for sponsors, because Günter’s fee estimations are at the low end. In order to make it possible for persons with restricted budgets  to participate, he set the prices between 30 € (reduced price) and 45 € (standard price).

However, there is also a fee donation, which means that, if you wish to support us, you can also pay more on a voluntary basis, for instance 60 € (+ 15). We want it to become a really great barcamp where you can feel comfortable. Consequently, extra money is needed, for instance from sponsors who support the nice party on the first evening!

Here is the short video recording of the Unterhaching #AktMobCmp. To me, it looks to be quite motivating for prospective participants  – both activists and sponsors. I mean persons who want to get active and promote a future worth living for humans in their cities.

And perhaps we can even offer more attractions at the Augsburg #AktMobCmp. For instance, I can easily imagine a display of different bikes – such as burden bikes – or special trailers. After all, the great things that have been happening in the active mobility sector, in particular lately, are really amazing!

All ideas for the camp are extremely welcome. Just drop them at alias! Or send a tweet to @AktMobCmp or  #AktMobCmp (you can write it all with small letters). We are also present in Google+ as a community – naturally under “AktMobCmp“. In Facebook, #AktMobCmp is represented as a community. You will easily find it under “Aktive Mobilität im Alltag„, You will also find other exciting contributions around new and also very old (and consequently, very much appreciated) mobility. And the ADFC will again support us!

(Translated by EG)

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