Roland Dürre
Tuesday May 10th, 2011

All Videos on „Humans & Management“

Monday, April, 11th, was a beautiful spring day. Regardless of the sunshine, our seminar room on the top floor at InterFace AG was quite full.

April, 11th was the day when esc Solutions and InterFace held the technological IF forum Humans&Management.

As always, Friedrich Lehn recorded the event on a video tape. Now we published them at Youtube. At IF-Open, the corporate InterFace AG blog, you can now take a look at all presentations of the IF Forum Humans&Management as they were held.

All you have to do is follow the link

(Translated by EG)


We also loaded another video recording of a successful IF forum. As of now, you can watch the full presentation held by Isabel García on „How Rhetorics Changed Over Time“. Here is the link! I recommend it!

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