Roland Dürre
Tuesday May 24th, 2011

Congratulations on Your Wedding – Regina and Martin!

Traukirche in BockhornOn Saturday, May, 21st, 2011, Martin Holzner, director and shareholder of IF-Tech AG, tied the knot with his Regina.

The church ceremony was held in Bockhorn (near Kirchasch) in the morning.

After church, the huge number of wedding guests – around 200 – celebrated at the Landhaus Hinterberg near Dorfen (in the rural district of Erding in Upper Bavaria).

And I feel truly privileged for having been invited. Many thanks!

It really was a Dream Wedding!

We took advantage of the opportunity and combined the attendance at the wedding with a dream bike tour through beautiful Northern Upper Bavaria. It was 8.30 a.m. when we started out at Riemerling on our bikes. According to GPS, we should have been there by 10.30 a.m. After all, it said we had to cover 43 kilometres.

The bikes practically ran by themselves. We had next to no ascends and some wind blowing from behind. One hour after we had started, we were already near the end of our journey. It looked like we were going to reach our destination a long time before the appointed time.

Fortunately, a small bakery with a coffee house at Forstinning tempted us to stay and eat something. We indulged in a piece of „Mohnstrudel“, some strawberry cake, a Capuccino and a pot of coffee. Having taken our time and having enjoyed the break, we continued on our way.

In der Ferne die Dampfsäule von OhuNear the crossroads to Bockhorn, we can just barely make out the steam risnig from the nuclear power plant Ohu near the Isar in the distance. It seems to rise into the air quite harmlessly. A short time later, we reach the church. After quickly changing into the suit and saying hello to all our friends, we enter.

During the ceremony, I really got motivated to marry again. It was so beautiful. After the bride and groom had left the church among the immortal Beatles-tune of “Let it be”, however, we had to hurry a little. After all, the distance to the next location at the Landhaus Hinterberg, where the celebration was to continue, was 18 kilometres.

And Barbara and I, indeed, had to hurry in order to be on time for the picture that was taken of the entire wedding party. Well, we just made it on time, even if we were still a little out of breath.

Afterwards, however, we were more than amply rewarded for all our pains by the excellent meal and cakes, the festive music, the many verses rhymed by the wedding announcer, the many guests in high spirits and, last not least, the happy couple. This was more than just a wonderful wedding. It was also a wonderful bike tour.

And, of course, it was not yet over. The way back from Hinterberg to Riemerling was a little more than another 53 kilometres. And there were also a few hills to climb before we reached home.

Consequently, we started late in the afternoon. Which meant that we only made it for the second half of Schalke – Duisburg, when the score was already 3:0.

But here is the most important part of the day – our dearest wishes for the bride and groom:

Dear Regina, dear Martin,
we wish you a successful life as a couple – and perhaps even with additions. Healthy children, always lots of joy, peace and a great love.
And now enjoy a few wonderful weeks of honeymoon.
Barbara and Roland

(Translated by EG)
If you wish to ride the 114-kilometres tour – here is the track of the Martin-Holzer-Wedding-Tour on GPS. I can assure you it is worth the effort!

On Sunday evening, I saw on the Bavarian TV station how a motorway that probably makes no sense at all is being forced through the Isen valley. By the year 2030, it will reach Simbach – and by that time there will be no fuel left to fill into our cars. Well, it is quite possible that the motorway will never be finished, anyway, because it costs too much. Except – the scenery will be damaged.

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  1. Alexander (Tuesday May 24th, 2011)

    Ja, so schön ist es bei uns im Erdinger Landkreis! Speziell das Isental ist eine grandiose Landschaft, eine der letzten noch am ehesten naturbelassenen Landschaften Deutschlands. Leider ist das Isental nicht bekannt genug, um größere Aufmerksamkeit in Bayern für den seit 35 Jahren schwelenden Streit um die Isental-Trasse der A94 zu erzeugen. In den letzten Jahren waren die Fronten so verhärtet, dass gar nichts mehr vorwärts ging, weshalb sich die Regierung trotz einer ähnlich passenden, aber umweltschonenderen alternativen Dorfen-Trasse mit der Isental-Trasse durchsetzen konnte.

  2. Martin und Regina (Thursday May 26th, 2011)

    Liebe Barbara, lieber Roland,

    vielen Dank für alles, ja für uns war es ein wunderbarer (unvergesslicher) Tag, den Ihr alle mit uns zusammen gestaltet habt. Aktuell genießen wir unsere Flitterwochen auf Koh Samui (Thailand) und sitzen gerade in der Hotellobby und freuen uns über den schönen Blog-Eintrag. Meine Frau hat auch den Urlaub perfekt geplant und somit wurden wir auch hier herzlich als “Honeymooner” empfangen. Schöne Grüße nach München, bis bald Martin und Regina

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