Roland Dürre
Wednesday February 17th, 2010

Vacation Diary #52 – Ash Wednesday.

Somehow or other, I cannot think of anything wise to say this year on Ash Wednesday, Consequently, I refer you to my  article of the Ash Wednesday of 2009. Last year, I was on my way from Rome via Sorrento/Amalfi and Pompeji to Naples by bike.

Today, I go skiing in the mountains.

Here are two pictures (taken yesterday):


Well, that is what the Kitzbühl Albs looked like yesterday. It was a wonderful day. Thanks to the sun, the cold temperatures (around -7 degrees Celsius) were not a problem for us.

Alpen2We made our way through the entire skiing area of Kitzbühl on ski-lifts and skies. Using the 3S (connected cable car), we were suspended over the deep crevice. We went across the mountains to “Panorama-Bahn Kitzbüheler Alpen” and from there twice down and back up again slope after slope.

Late in the afternoon, we had our last leisurely rest on the “Steinbergkogel”. That was behind huge windows, so we could really enjoy the setting sun, regardless of the cold easterly wind.

(Translated by EG)

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