Roland Dürre
Thursday December 8th, 2016

Good-Bye Until After Christmas!

And a Happy Christmas to You All!

The picture was taken two years ago when we were rafting in China.

Starting tomorrow, we will be in the Caribbean.

To be sure, I do not feel
“that the time is ripe to begin afresh“!!!

But still, I will be gone for some time. On Christmas Eve, I will be back and meet my children and grandchildren – those of them who are in Munich.

It looks a lot like I will not read any emails until then. My many chat dialogues will get a break and I will probably only rarely be on the internet at all.

During the next two weeks, I will try to live only for Barbara and myself. Many thousand miles from “sweet home”, I will simply ignore all messages from the world. And during that time, I will not publish anything on the IF blog, either (if anything is published, it will be by one of my friends or by my bot).

Normal life as I had it will start again on the evening of Christmas Day. As has been my custom for many years now, I will again spend the evening in the Munich Lustspielhaus to watch Willy Michl (It is well worth clicking onto the link). I will also howl “Silent Night, Holy Night”, listen to the eternal ISARFLIMMERN and enjoy the fact that the days will gradually get longer.

It would be a huge delight for me if I were to meet a few of my friends in the Lustspielhaus on December, 25th for Willy and if we could then do some “exchange of ideas” before the concert and during the interval!

(Translated by EG)

2 Kommentare zu “Good-Bye Until After Christmas!”

  1. Chris Wood (Thursday December 8th, 2016)

    Merry Xmas, Roland!
    I don’t know where you get your optimism. Recently you thought your family well enough brought up, to get by in the World that will be left them. I see two fairly likely futures. Both are dominated by overpopulation and running out of resources. Even a shining light like you, (cycling, etc.), decides after all to fly round the world for fun. So your family, like mine will continue to waste resources. In neither case will Naomi Klein’s Socialism save the World. One sees that CDU, Trump, IS, etc. are going in the opposite direction. One sees that Obama’s optimistic faith in the future of democracy has failed miserably in Syria, Iraq, etc., (not to mention USA).
    In one future, the current hypocrisy will continue, or strengthen. Each country will try to look after itself, while paying lip service to cooperation. In a few cases, things will improve for the poor, but only locally and temporarily. India got better rice that they can now export, and that can support further population growth. China has managed an industrial revolution, which has enabled them to give up on population reduction, and to try to reduce pollution. But meanwhile the developed countries are fishing the oceans empty, and ruining the climate, despite promises to do better.
    In the other future, the developed countries resort to warlike measures to reduce World population.
    It is hard to decide which future is crueller to the people of impoverished countries. Either way, it will be pleasanter to be rich. (The gulf between rich and poor may run through countries, rather than between them).
    My philosophy tells me there is no logical basis for choosing one ethic, rather than another. Despite this, my Christian upbringing causes me to hope, against the probabilities and trends, that the “humble will inherit the World”. But the most charismatic preacher of this died nearly 2000 years ago.
    P.S. The above neglects the fate of most living beings. The ultimate fate of humanity is bad enough.
    So, for now, Merry Xmas, Roland!

  2. rd (Thursday December 8th, 2016)

    Dear Chris, thank you, in love! Roland

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