Roland Dürre
Thursday May 27th, 2010

Car – Waste ♫

Yesterday, Maresa (my smallest daughter) browsed through Youtube and found a video. She thought I might like the song and sent me the link by email.

And here comes the best part:

The song was published as early as 1997 (on August, 27th)!

It is part of the CD

Alles im grünen Bereich (Green Light for Everybody) by the Wise Guys

And I really think the Wise Guys are wise guys.…

But why don’t you listen to them yourself (or read about it here)?

Here are the Wise Guys with Ich schmeiß mein Auto auf den Müll (My car goes into the junk)

🙂 Yes, I really like the song.

(Translated by EG)

Here is the text:

My car goes into the junk
Text and music by: Daniel “Dän” Dickopf
Arrangement: Edzard Hüneke

In this country, it’s a shame
millions daily do the same.
They bumper-to-bumper their cars each day
and say there is no other way.

The other day I read that next
Chinese and Russians might get vexed.
They will no longer go by train 
and busses,
too, will run in vain.

The car cult we have brought about
has made the entire world now shout:
Let us be like the NATO nations.
“Beware, my offspring  – meagre rations!”

If we had courage and sympathy
we’d stop imitating Schumacher and Company.
I made up my mind. Here is my first step: 
from now on, I will no longer adapt.
My car goes to the junk this very day 
my conscience will enjoy this better way.
My car goes to the junk today. 
In future life I go by bike
or train or bus or else: I hike!

I don’t vote green or count old runes,
but I like forests, oceans, mountains, dunes.
What good will high-class cars be doing
when Mars is where I must be going?

I hear you counter: “Bus and trains
are far too slow – I can’t take pains!
Besides: you know the railways in this state
are such a disgrace, always late!”

Well, I admit that this is true
but service will improve with you
and all the others taking trains.
In order to make profits, they’ll take pains.

Yet I know well my words won’t stir you.
Nor was I born an eco hero,
My good intent will last forever
without me ever acting clever!

My car will go into the junk next year
then I will rest in peace, you hear!
My car will go into the junk next year.
May life be what I like
instead of cars, I go by bike!

My car will go into the junk some day,
then I will rest in peace, I pray!
My car will to into the junk for good
and I will go by bike or else on foot.
I will discard my car – knock wood.

(Translated by EG)

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