Roland Dürre
Wednesday November 12th, 2014

Soon to Take Place: Dornbirn PM Camp!

This year, the InterFace AG is again sponsoring the Dornbirn PM-Camp. It takes place between November, 20th and 22nd.

Being a sponsor, I was permitted to answer three questions on the #PMcampDOR website. I was also asked to say why InterFace AG does the sponsoring. Here is what I wrote:

Hier mit Dr. Marcus Raitner (links).

Yours truly at the PM-Camp with Dr. Marcus Raitner (left).

InterFace AG – why we support the PM Camp!

PM Camp is less boring than your common conference and gives you many insights. It is a free event, not controlled by ulterior interests. The “participants/partners” generate their own conference. Knowledge and experiences are shared at eye-level. PM Camp is a network for humans!

The more often a PM Camp takes place, the more intense it usually gets.
We want PM Camp to be something everybody can afford. The costs must not be a barrier, because we want PM Camp to be accessible to all – young and old, female and male, poor and rich. That is why InterFace AG also supports some of the PM Camps financially. We want to help people to develop courage and joy and we want to give them a nice setting for a beautiful party.
It makes us happy to see participants going back home from the Camp with a lot of newly gained knowledge, experience and adventures. If that happens, our investment was worth it.

Three questions and my answers on PM:

What is wrong with project management today?

  • Project management is often considered deterministic “engineers work”, instead of value-based leadership.
  • Project management is seen as a “taylorist” affair for experts.
  • The use of tools is overrated.
  • Hierarchical thinking patterns hardly allow an “organization as a network”.

What are the future challenges?

  • Both in projects and enterprises, resilience will beat efficiency.
  • People must learn to deal with uncertainty, because the future cannot be planned.
  • We must think in terms of results, not in terms of goals.
  • A project team must be seen as a biological being, not as a determined machine.

From your point of view, how can the PM possibly contribute?

  • Bring the right kinds of people together.
  • Provide a living supplement to the world of learning abstract knowledge by heart.
  • Establish lasting networks between human beings.
  • Train project managers for “Industry 4.0”.

About Me:

Hier mit Dr. Stefan Hagen (rechts).

On the PM Camp with Dr. Stefan Hagen (right).

Roland Dürre (, is a third generation IT pioneer. In the autumn of 1969, he started studying mathematics and computer science at TUM. He graduated with the diploma (univ.).

After “years of apprenticeship” at (6 years) and Sofllab (3 years), he founded the InterFace AG in 1984. He remained head of the company for more than 30 years. With the end of this year, he will stop being managing director of the IT enterprise. He will then be a member of the board of governors. Starting in 2015, he will work on important social topics.

(Translated by EG)


The pictures have been taken at the 2012 Dornbirn PM Camp. In the first picture, you can see me with Dr. Marcus Raitner, on the second with Dr. Stefan Hagen. They are both very important PM Camp protagonists. In fact, PM Camp would not exist without them.

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