Roland Dürre
Saturday January 30th, 2010

Bill Gates meets Mrs. Angela Merkel

Here is what I just found in Twitter:

BillBillGates Great meeting w German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Again encouraged by what a stong and enlightened leader she is on intl development.
8:05 PM Jan 27th from Twikini

I inserted it from the original, typing mistakes included. I wonder if this is the real Bill Gates!?

BillBuchI think yes. The book by Bill Gates you see on the picture is one I, too, read (at least partly). You can buy it at Amazon for 0.01 cents. I can only guess why it is so cheap. You have to read it yourself in order to judge. The first fifty pages should suffice.

Well, at least the author’s opinion on our Federal Chancellor is apparently a good one. They seem to have met in Davos and twittered. I never found Mrs. Merkel’s tweet.

I do no know if she is twittering, either.

Here is another item of good news: the Bill Gates foundation donates several billion USD for vaccination of children in Africa. It says so in today’s “Süddeutsche”. I find that really great.

(Translated by EG)
It is the real one – verified account.

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