Roland Dürre
Sunday September 14th, 2014

brand eins in August and September

In August, I worked too much – unfortunately, it was totally controlled from the outside. And then I went on a long and nice vacation. My “brand eins” travelled with me, but it did not have a very high priority, because enjoying the day, swimming, riding my bike, eating well – in short: to love and live – was more important.

Currently, I am still looking at too much work. Consequently, I intend to go on another vacation in September. Still, you simply have to read the September “brand eins” edition. Regardless of all the other burdens and stress you have. As usual, I also already let some other people, whose trips by public transport were made more attractive by it, have it. These persons, too, were thrilled

May I Stay Another Hour, Boss?

Underneath, you will read: how we learn to love our work and the focal point in red with the heart says:


About the magazine: it is an edition with heart. On the white September “brand eins”, you will find a sentence in huge lettering.

Well, basically, it is almost embarrassing for me to praise the “brand eins”. Consequently, I hereby admit that the August edition did not really make me jump in the air with enthusiasm. The September edition, however, is back with all the virtues I so much like about the “brand eins” – and which, regardless of all the high gloss and other publications on and around the topic of business, I actually more than miss.

The important and right themes on the topic of work and cooperation are hit and several inconsistencies are pointed out. I keep finding heretical and revolutionary ideas which clearly question the “established opinions” and the bourgeois self-perception of “this is how you want to do it”.

And it is totally authentic and far from the common (more or less outdated) gossip and chit-chat. Well, this definitely feels nice.

Late in November, I will be in Stuttgart to attend the EnjoyWorkCamp. And I would recommend to Franziska (she organizes the whole event) to send all the attendants the current “brand eins” edition as a preparatory reader.

May I Stay Another Hour, Boss – brand eins online


(Translated by EG)

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