Roland Dürre
Saturday December 18th, 2010

brand eins in January (2011) – What Keeps You From Doing It?

Last Thursday, it arrived: my “brand eins”! I took it with me to the office on Friday, because I wanted to read as I went by underground train (unfortunately, you cannot read “brand eins” while riding your bike).

And yesterday, I forgot it in my office. Consequently, I cannot immediately write a review. Well, I am going to start now and then finish it on Monday evening. For the time being, let me do some associating:

What keeps you from doing it?  Focal point: Free Space

If I were a Facebook member, I would say: I like it!

But it is true: who (or what) keeps us from doing whatever we always wanted to do? No longer drive a car? Get active and start adventures? Start living our lives? Have children? Take responsibility? Escape from restraints? Remain true to our biological nature? Destroy what destroys us?

But no, now I went too far. After all, “brand eins” is a business magazine. Or maybe yes?

So I am full of hope and my expectations for the first “brand eins” of 2011 are great. And on Monday, I will use exactly this same place for reporting whether or not they were met.


(Translated by EG)

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