Roland Dürre
Sunday May 30th, 2010

Brand eins in June – Vote now!

By rights, the title of this article should be:

Vote. Now!

🙁 But wordpress does not give me the red colour for a headline.

Like all the others, the June magazine, too, has a principal topic: Deciding As We Go

And again, both titles sound extremely attractive to me – decisions and deciding as we go. Decision making is currently my most favourite theme in presentations.

After all, I understand better and better that a decision is only a decision if three requirements are met: a) you must be free to decide; b) the consequence of your decision must be significant and lie in the future and c) the decision must be made with an absolute degree of uncertainty.

To be sure, those requirements are not easy to meet. Ever since I know them, I shun from calling myself a good decision maker. But just deciding as I go does not seem like a solution to me either – not to mention thinking as I go.

Well, back to the magazine: this “brand eins” edition, again, offers plenty of reading material. I am glad that I am starting my vacation on Monday evening.

During my first quick look through the journal, three articles caught my attention:

On page 16, there is the “Jägermeister” story. When we were young, we called the drink “Leberkleister”. And we admired Herrn Mast for wanting to get his stag onto the chests of the “Eintracht Braunschweig” soccer team. For an entire season, the team always won 1:0, or occasionally 2:1, and finally they actually had won the championship.

On page 36, there is the Telekom balance sheet. You even find explanations. Once in a while, it is quite interesting to see the balance sheet of another company. And to dream of totally profits in a totally different league from ours.

Then, on page 78, there is our competition: SAP (of course, SAP is not our competition, we are into almost everything except SAP). We, too, are concerned with “happy customers” and “happy employees”.
Let me cite my Swiss colleague Teddy Graf, who always says: If your customers and your employees are happy, business will flourish by itself! And I can only concur.

But as I browsed through the new “brand eins”, I think I discovered that there are many more interesting articles to be found therein.

(Translated by EG)

On the lower right corner of page one, you will find another small note:
Now also on the iPad.
Good Job, Brandeins! You are really quick! I wonder if I can activate the function on my MacBook. The answer is probably yes. What a stupid question.

If so, it will save me the trouble of having to carry the almost 400 grams of “brand eins” on paper through roughly 600 kilometres between Orvieto and Bolzeno by bike. On the other hand, a little paper as I lie in my bed at night does not sound like such a bad idea, either.

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