Roland Dürre
Sunday June 10th, 2012

brand eins in June

On my return from Bohemia last Saturday, it was already faithfully sitting there – waiting to be read by me: the June “brand eins” edition.

But after my vacation, a lot of work was waiting. Consequently, the poor magazine had to spend an entire week wrapped in its original cellophane cover. And only yesterday, Sunday, it was finally permitted to unravel.

After I had liberated it, it truly sparkled. The title page is definitely a prominent “burning” colour: a dark red. It looks aggressive, but also slightly sinister.

Totally Normal!

…is what you can read in white letters. And underneath in black letters, they wrote

Life at Risk

So here we go. The June topic is apparently risk! It fits for June, doesn’t it? After all, this is the month when I was born. And my life was and is certainly one huge risk.

Before I take a closer look, I start pondering a little. Yes, risks are a perfectly normal thing, so is “life at risk”. We simply do not want to admit how dependent everything is on chance. As we all know, chance is something that can swing either way.

So we prefer to repress our risks and dream about total security; even if it is impossible, we still want it very much. And then we sign insurance contracts that make no sense at all! (Are there any that do make sense?). It seems like there some sort of ”super ego“ compelling us to believe in security, which (so we believe) we then have to generate.

And there is something else that strikes me. In former times, humans basically were afraid of nature’s disasters. Today, however, we are afraid of catastrophes that have their origin in the cultural world we ourselves made.

To me, it seems more and more that the further we deviate from nature and immerse ourselves into the artificial world of civilized advancement, the more we are overwhelmed by our justified and unjustified fears.

But how about first reading what Frau Fischer has to say about it in her editorial?

Contrary to my usual approach, I will not tell you anything now – but I strongly recommend you read the magazine.
Here is something about the content.

I did some industrious reading. But I am still far from finished. I want to save the rest for reading during my travels to Vienna and Zurich later this week and next week. But there is something I can already tell you: it is basically about how risks have been perceived to change or actually did change during the last ten years.

So here is my advice – go and get it at the next news stand.

And if you do not like it, you can always hand it on. With this magazine, you run no risk doing so and will at least make a good impression on the person you give it to. You will be considered a very wise and educated person – which doubtless is also invaluable.

(Translated by EG)

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