Roland Dürre
Monday June 2nd, 2014

“brand eins” in June

In June, it is all about “The Measure of All Things”!
Well, my first idea is this can only be about “that funny stuff”. And I am correct: on the title page, you find a very crinkled 10-Euro bill. The focal point is “Money”.brandeinsJUNI2014

The magazine is full of comments by those who have something to say about money. Partly because they do research about it, or because they always had it or because they worked hard to get it. Or even because they hand it out or collect it.

There is something about “alternative” money and about “stashed” money. Of course, there is also something about the really rich and the really poor. About polarization and re-distribution. About income models and social fairness. About profit and advice.

About someone who learned to love the stock market in order to avoid the very normal soccer mania and world-wide money affairs.
I think this “brand eins” is a wonderful thing, totally different from the other “business magazines”. Currently, I am in a particularly good position to judge, because I read the May and June editions of the Manager Magazin.

Here is how I came to do so:

My post box is also often full of spam. Mostly, these are adverts which are basically a nuisance. One of those letters contained a credit-card style “Manager-Magazin-plastic card”. A very personal note asked me as an experienced manager (good joke!) to take part in a trivial survey. In addition, they offered an extremely cheap test subscription for two Manager Magazin editions to be delivered to my house.

As a reward for my order, they offered the free gift of a not very cheap bike lock which, incidentally, I had real need of. In fact, I had intended to buy precisely said bike lock but had never manage to get around to doing so, which is why I made the bargain. Also, I get annoyed when I receive these kinds of adverts delivered to my house and then I do some damage to those who initiate these tricks – not intentionally, but certainly accepting the possibility. And I even accept that I have to actively cancel the subscription after having received the reward. After all, I have a hold-file, don’t I?

In addition to my new bike lock, the collateral benefit was that I was able to read what these magazines – which allegedly are so very important for every manager –have to say. It is a totally different world (not only in the journalistic sense) than my “brand eins”. More like “Die Bunte” for “Managers” and those who would like to be managers.

(Translated by EG)

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