Roland Dürre
Sunday February 28th, 2010

brand eins in February – The Problem Solvers.

Focus: Logistics

In March, Brandeins is about solving problems and those who solve them. Naturally, we identify with this. After all, InterFace is an enterprise that wishes to solve all (IT) problems for its customers.

Since Brandeins has been sitting in my letter-box since midweek, I was able to take it with me on our bobsled event. However, during that weekend we were so busy and my blood was flooded with so much adrenalin that I only managed to read it yesterday in the train on our way to the theatre.

On the way out, the train was on schedule. We were going to see “Klein Eyolf” by Henrik Ibsen, but due to illness among the players, it had to be cancelled. Instead, they played “Watten” by Thomas Bernhard. With a Dirk Ossig as top solo performer. It was just magnificent.

On the way back, the train slowed down due to a signal malfunction (don’t we in Munich know the problem – I wonder who builds all those signals?), which gave me plenty of time for reading.

So here is the latest on Brandeins in March:

Brandeins was just as great as the theatre had been just before. Personally, (of course), I particularly liked the article about the railway as the means of transportation for the future – even in the USA. But I must confess that the logistics at the airport was not too bad, either.

The magazine also contained several more insights into the often secretly blossoming world of logistics. Mostly, we are not even aware of its huge importance for our “way of life”.

Unfortunately, as my train slowly drove towards home, I twittered about the totally deficient logistics of the Munich S-Bahn train system (#FAIL!). And when I had to leave the train in a hurry at Ottobrunn, my mind was so full of twittering that I left my magazine behind

Consequently, I cannot give you precise recommendations – like with titles and pages – for any articles. But I assume that my Brandeins was picked up by a worthy individual (maybe a future reader!), which is my consolation for this considerable loss.

🙂 And on Monday morning, when I ride my bike from Ottobrunn to Unterhaching, I will stop at the kiosk and buy a new one!

(Translated by EG)

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  1. Ronald Reiss (Monday April 5th, 2010)

    ich würde das Titelbild gerne für eine Anzeige benutzen.
    Ist das möglich.
    Viele Grüße

    Ronald Reiss

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