Roland Dürre
Wednesday September 2nd, 2009

brand eins in September – Amendment: You Can Also Find Ulf Posé!

09/06 Titel 03

When vacationing in Greece, it is even more fun than usual to read “Brandeins”. As I lay  on the beach leisurely reading my copy, there was another nice surprise.
If blog author Ulf Posé (udp), too, had an article accepted by Brandeins!

In the article The Commodity Labour, which is as close to my heart as To Work, he is cited as the president of the ethics confederation of the German Economy on pages 78 and 79. He answers questions on “who will be able to get work in the future?” or “what is the value of work?”.

Isn’t it great that two of our if-blog authors (Ulf Posé and Edwin Ederle) can be found in the September copy of Brandeins?

(Translated by EG)

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