Roland Dürre
Tuesday September 1st, 2009

brand eins in September – All About Work!

09/06 Titel 03Yesterday evening, Sophie (daughter #3) arrived from Germany to spend the remaining days until Sunday in the tent at Porto Ageranos, south of Gythio, with us.

She brought with her the latest newspapers, alonw with her copy of “Brandeins“. I immediately launched into it (and wrote a comment).

‘The September copy of Braineins is all green (as it happens, green is my favourite colour – so on up for Brandeins already). It is the pre-election-campaign Brandeins and its title is “All About Work” or as Frau Fischer puts it in the editorial: “Major concern: employment”. It is all about the “commodity labour”.

The very first page raises question on work. I can only answer them for myself: I like working and wish to gain contentment and meaning out of it. That is why I even enjoy working during my vacation. And sometimes I do not know myself to what extent my work directly or indirectly contributes to my livelihood.

But let us get back to Brandeins in September. As usual, the articles are refreshing. They reflect a common culture. The small articles are fun to read (and have value), the long articles have value (and are fun to read). Herr Lohmanns legacy made me a little sad (at the end of the paper on page 143). Being an entrepreneur, I was impressed by Brush Freaks (page 50) and I found it easy to identify with To Work (page 40).

Incidentally, all the articles I read so far are very much worth reading. The “small economic dictionary” (this time in my favouriate language French – second up for Brandeins) or “The World of Numbers” (especially appreciated by me, bercause this time the numbers hit one of my sensitive spots – third up for Brandeins) make me smile and/or ponder.

Well, and last not least: on page 62 you find our if-blog author Edwin Ederle (E2E) with data2impact (fourth up for Brandeins). He writes about: Vivat the shabby outfit! Well, I would not precisely call – data2impact a shabby outfit! Unfortunately, the pictures of Edwin is not doing him justice, he looks a lot better in real life!

Is that not something to be proud of: IF-blog-author Edwin in Brandeins!

Now I will first go on my next bike tour, and then I look forward to more hits!

(Translated by EG)

I would like to (and will) discuss the article by Frau Sabria David (communication expert at Text-Raum) on twitter diskutieren (A discovery – page 138). First, I will make a Follow on meta_blum (that is her in twitter) and then I will address her as rolandduerre (that is me in twitter). Would you consider that work or leisure? I cannot say.

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