Roland Dürre
Wednesday July 1st, 2015

Bruno Gantenberg of Zurich PM Camp at InterFace AG!

A little late, but so much the more motivated, we at Interface AG open the year 2015 under the Ada Lovelace symbol, starting our much loved lecture series “IF-Forum” with a high profile speaker and a topic as controversial as it is exciting.

I would like to personally invite all my friends, in particular those from the PM Camp environment, to come and watch this presentation. You will not regret it. At the Zurich PM Camp, the speaker – Bruno Gantenberg – moved his audience in the truest sense of the word. As far as I am concerned, I already very much look forward to speaking the introductory words for the presentation.

Here is the original text taken from the InterFace AG corporate blog.

Bruno GantenbeinOn July, 23rd, Bruno Gantenbein, who is a senior counsellor and project leader at CSP AG, will speak about “learning, too, is evolution”. The Swiss unschooling pioneer will allow us a glimpse into the practice of this new way of learning, at the same time building a philosophical bridge towards project management. Taking his own family and the circumstances of same as an example, Bruno Gantenbein will describe the unschooling approach. He will also introduce the “Spirit-Hand-Heart-Head” Model, he himself developed, which the Gantenbein family has now been practicing successfully for ten years. Applying the results won in this context to project management shows a relevant technological connection with IT and the InterFace AG.

What is Unschooling?
Unschooling is a way of learning controlled by children in their normal everyday environment. It includes the cooperation of their parents or other nearest persons of contact without trying to imitate traditional schools or their curricula. Consequently, there is no planned teaching or certain times of the day when special school-like activities are obligatory. Topics are discussed whenever the child is interested. The parents – or other persons living in close proximity to the child – are less teachers than supporters or comrades-in-learning.

In his provocative book: “Drive, What Really Motivates You”, the best-selling author Daniel H. Pink writes about intrinsic motivation, giving the interesting advice: “Let un-schoolers teach you one lesson!”

Well, Mr. Gantenbein, that is exactly what we are going to do with great pleasure.

The presentation will be on Thursday, July, 23rd, 2015 at 18:30 hours in the InterFace AG offices at Unterhaching (Leipzigerstrasse 16). We welcome our guests from 18:00 h.

As always, you can easily register for this IF Forum via E-Mail. We already look forward to exciting discussions and an inspirational exchange of opinions!

(Translated by EG)

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