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Sunday November 2nd, 2014


I often tell you about Arcis-Vocalisten concerts. Evelyn Gemkow (EG), who is responsible for our blog translations into English, is a member of the choir.

However, there is another “singer” among the IF author team: Axel Maisch. He has been friends with me for a long time and works at InterFace. A short time ago, he joined the vocal ensemble CANZONE 11. They were founded by Tanja Wawra in 2011 and are now 16 female and male singers from and around Munich.

FlyerSIE&ER,28.10.14In their new concert program, CANZONE 11 chose the meeting of the sexes as their focal topic! It is all about

“her & him”

After all, the inexplicable and often so tragic meeting between man and woman has inspired the poets of all centuries to write the most wonderful words, to paint the most charming pictures and to come up with the wildest metaphors.

Consequently, it is more than understandable that composers, who draw images with music and interpret words with sound, could not resist taking up the idea. They filled it with sound and never stop interpreting it anew.

The core element of “her & him” are the love songs by Johannes Brahms, in addition to works by S.E. Johanson, G. Holst, J. Mäntyjärvi and Nils Lindberg.

The concerts will be on November, 22th, (in the Augsburg Zeughaus) and November, 234rd, (in the concert hall of the “städtischen Sing- und Musikschule”).

For more information, click here for the Canzone 11 website Canzone 11 or enter Facebook (

(Translated by EG)

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