Roland Dürre
Saturday May 1st, 2010


Democracy is the best of all poor forms of government.

This is said to have been stated by Winston Churchill. As I see it, he is correct. I cannot get enough of it. The more democracy, the better.

And consequently, I am persistently in favour of plebiscites. In my opinion, a democracy of the people that is as direct as possible might be the only chance to reduce the number of (inevitable) wrong decisions – even if it cannot solve all our problems. Especially as I look at the current political decisions, this judgement of mine is proved correct.

Perhaps a rigorously active basic democracy might even have prevented a dictatorship or two, as for instance the Third Reich. Thus, a lot of misfortune could have been prevented.

The more I browse through the internet, the more another new concept takes hold of my mind:

Democracy might just be an early evolutionary attempt at utilizing the “intelligence of the masses”. The goal might be to generate some “wisdom of crowds” in the human social systems.

Up to now, a true democracy could not develop, because the communication channels were just not good enough. With the internet and web 2.0, matters have changed. And it is possible that we are entering a new and true phase of world-wide democratization. I would call it “Democracy 2.0”.

As I see it, this process can only be beneficial for the entire world.


(Translated by EG)

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  2. Chris Wood (Sunday May 2nd, 2010)

    The real well known quote is “Democracy is the worst form of government except for all those others that have been tried”. This is much more positive than Roland’s new version, which leaves room for lots of good undemocratic systems. Roland makes the unjustified assumption that plebiscites are more democratic than is parliamentary democracy. Churchill would not have agreed; he was a great parliamentarian.
    Perhaps Roland is right that plebiscites would not have supported the policies of Hitler or Stalin. But who would have organized the plebiscites? Anyway Hitler was very popular among Germans, as long as his troops were advancing; and anti-Semitism still seems popular in Russia and elsewhere.
    That Roland’s new democracy must be good, is another unjustified assumption.
    Another Churchill quote may be relevant: “the best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter”.
    What is this WEB 2.0? Am I missing some software?

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