Accidentally, I also know a few Chinese. For instance from playing soccer or from the university. Once in a while, we discuss the role of China in the world. Or Copenhagen and the climate catastrophe.

In one of these discussions, one of my Chinese friends mentioned the following aspect:

k12_Shanghai_2 It was easy for Germany to lower its rate of exhaust gas. All they had to do was export all those industries that produce exhausts to China. And now they demand of China to lower her rates.

It cannot work out like that. If we Germans were willing to take back all these industries, China would find it a lot easier to lower her exhaust rate.
Now isn’t that a very interesting approach?

I know a young German who is currently staying in China quite well. He works for a concern that used to be German. He told me that he spends endless hours in the plane travelling from Peking to Shanghai every week – and he spends even more time in a taxi.

🙂 It seems that we are now also exporting our “management performance” to China (along with the CO2 exhaust). And the Chinese can not only imitate our technology, but also how to organize things.

🙁 Yet I fear the Chinese will not greatly benefit from this, except if they are prepared to learn from our past mistakes. Which, obviously, they are not.

(Translated by EG)

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  1. Enno (Friday February 5th, 2010)

    Andersherum wird der Schuh draus: Wenn wir China gegenüber die Forderung nach CO2-Senkungen mit knappen CO2-Zertifikateangebot durchsetzen, dann kommt auch die Industrie zurück 😉

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