Roland Dürre
Friday October 1st, 2010

Cheese Holes!

Yesterday morning in the dining compartment on the way to Zürich:

A German orders a Gourmet Breakfast for € 14.-. He can choose between smoked cold meat and cheese. His decision is cheese and he asks with a twinkle in his eyes if this is the kind of cheese with all the holes.

The waiter, who apparently has North-African roots, tells him that he cannot yet say. He says he will first have to count the holes after the piece is cut. Up to three holes means it is a cheese without holes, four and more with. So the rules say.

They both laughed. I, too, found it quite humorous and I never heard this joke before. Even if it might well be an ancient Swiss groaner.

(Translated by EG)

The picture does not show a Swiss dining compartment. I took it more than a year ago in the dining compartment of a train between Vienna and Bukarest.

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  1. käselöcher (Saturday October 16th, 2010)

    Sehr gut! Ich denke das bezieht sich auf den Stich, also wenn der Käse während der Reifung geprüft wird. Dabei werden die Löcher im Käsewurm gezählt. Gruss

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