A blogger’s life is really a nice life. You keep meeting very nice people, get the most interesting news all the time, get interesting books sent to you, etc. Once in a while, there is a nasty comment, but mostly the feedback you get is encouraging.

bild0589Now someone gave me a bag for a present! It looks sassy, has a nice logo, and, above all, is very handy. In fact, it is a true Crumpler – which seems to be an “en vogue” brand from Australia (as younger employees of mine have told me).

The generous gift was sent to me by Andreas Bruckschlögl. In 2001, he and Martha Bruckschlögl became directors of a leather shop in a small Bavarian town. The first thing they did was add Eastpak products to their business line in order to increase business.

Inspired by the ebay boom, they then came up with the idea to sell their products in the internet, as well. With striking results! They continued to build up their own Online-Shop “Der Online-Versand für Rucksäcke”. By now, the enterprise is specialized on selling all types of backpacks and bags through the internet.

And what used to be a small shop is now a flourishing, independent enterprise with happy customers.

🙂 And giving bloggers a backpack is, in my humble opinion, also a very good marketing idea.

For me, however, the pleasure is not just the backpack, but especially the fact that this is another example of me having found an enterprise that started without a brilliant business idea, without initial subsidies, and probably even without a big business plan and still turned out to be a huge success.

(translated by EG)

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