Roland Dürre
Wednesday November 15th, 2017

The Future of the Planet

Today, I will not write about electric bikes or sex, but about politics.

The Jamaican coat of arms


Currently, many people develop a sudden interest in the land of Bob Marley. It is about Jamaica, which, naturally, is only a silly word-play. It is all about the “Coalition Discussions“ (Koalitionsverhandlungen) in Berlin. We call them Jamaica because the coat of arms of this country is identical with the colours of the parties concerned (black, yellow and green).

I must admit that I had been hopeful for the Green Party to be the positive factor in these discussions.

But what is the Green Party doing?

They went to Berlin with demands that were probably justified but it is clear that these demands cannot be successfully pushed through during negotiations (which has already been proved). The first of these demands was that the combustion motor be abolished in the year 2030 (1) and the second was that all coal-based power plants be closed by the same year (2). Especially (1) sounds more than utopian. Besides, we do not need general goals but actual measures.

Electricity must replace coal, not use it up!

I will not comment on (2). After all, it is evident that the only way we can and must end the “dark” era when fossil energy was burned using electricity. Yet replacing coal by electricity cannot mean that half of the electricity world-wide is produced with coal. This must (and will soon) become a thing of the past. However, I find (1) a lot more exciting.

Driving an automobile is out!

Everybody must realize that an “individual mobility” based on electricity cannot and will not be the same as many of us now use the car. Just like “autonomous cars”, too, will not be driven in the same way as MEN and WOMEN drive them now.

2030 will soon be here!

In only 12 years, it will have arrived – that is as many years as the life-span of a car used to be. In that respect, what the Green Party demanded would have been rather easy to realize.

Prepare for the exit!

One of the factors is to quickly establish a speed limit – if necessary, why not step-by-step so that people can get used to it – but with a clear end even before 2020 at a maximum of 30 km/h in closed built-up areas, 70 km/h on secondary streets and 100 km/h on motorways. And, also step-by-step, a truly relevant and drastic increase in taxes on fossil fuel (including kerosene for planes). And if then the gigantic subsidies on “business cars” (at least the huge practice of abuse) were finally restricted, then the entire scenario would make sense!

Slim end efficient!

That would be a slim and efficient solution and it would raise hopes for a “soft landing”. It would also make quite a few stupid ideas, such as road charges, obsolete. And the Green Party, perhaps for good reasons, does not wish to be unpopular. Mind you, I personally believe that being unpopular brings you more votes than it costs you.

Investing in the future

And the money you get from all these projects must not be spent for building even more new motorway crossings on two levels with up to ten lanes, which today apparently, as a consequence of the motorway expansion having to happen on ever more lanes, has become a necessity. Instead, we should invest these moneys in a public transport system and, of course, in the “energy change” – which basically only means the abolition of nuclear and coal-based electricity production. As I see it, we are actually already quite well under way in this respect.

(Translated by EG)

3 Kommentare zu “The Future of the Planet”

  1. Hans Bonfigt (Friday November 17th, 2017)

    So wird das nie klappen, lieber Roland.

    Auto steht für Freiheit und Macht.
    Auch bei den modernen Heli-Muttis, die ihre Leibesfrüchte regelmäßig im “SUV” zur Klassentür bringen und retour, natürlich nach Einladen der Bälger mit mörderischer Geschwindigkeit.
    Außerdem macht Autofahren Spaß, jetzt nicht gerade im VW, aber so ein M1…

    ERST Alternativen schaffen, dann Individualverkehr verbieten.
    Die ekelhaften Quietschdinger der S-Bahn Münchens, mit ihren notorischen Verspätungen, haben seit Bestehen mehr Lebenszeit vernichtet als ein iranischer Folterknast.

    Da muß man sich überlegen, was man tun will.
    Gerade München braucht eine vernünftige Ringbahn.

    Geld ist da, verpufft aber langfristig schädlich in “Flüchtlingsprojekten”. Eine anständige Infrastruktur ist die bessere Investition.

  2. rd (Friday November 17th, 2017)

    Lieber Hans,
    wir reden aber nur von “vermeintlicher Freiheit und Macht”!

  3. Hans Bonfigt (Friday November 17th, 2017)


    Aber was macht das für einen Unterschied ?
    Das Wesen der Dinge ist ihr Schein…

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