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Monday September 7th, 2015

The Second Enlightenment – New Book by Rupert Lay!

My mentor Rupert Lay is already quite advanced in years. Yet, he wrote a new book. It was published by Monsenstein and Vannerdat on July, 29th, 2015. The title is:

The Second Enlightenment:
An Introduction to Constructivism

I have not yet read it, but will still write about it, because I know that many friends of Rupert read the IF Blog. And I certainly would not wish to keep this beautiful item of news secret from you.

On September, 7th, Rupert Lay gave a long presentation for the Ronneburger Kreis and friends, where he summarized his life’s work. This presentation also contained parts of his idea as written down in the book.

Here is some information you can find in the jacket text and the Amazon book review:

The First Enlightenment (1650 to 1800) had a formative effect on how Europe and North America think and behave. It reformed what had been undisputable facts in terms of politics, economy and religion. Yet, without noticing it, it also created new undisputable facts – and those fall rather short of meeting the requirements of a humane society and its structures. Both in those days and today, philosophy takes the justification of its existence from critically asking questions about what is considered undisputable, thus initiating a second enlightenment.

Since what we want has its origins in what we know and what we do has its origins in what we want, the roots of our knowledge and thereby the justification of our behaviour must undergo scrutiny. This book is about the reasons why the First Enlightenment was never put into practice. It will bring the broad horizon of a Second Enlightenment, which will hopefully create the groundwork for a better communication between humans. We wish to give tolerance a new basis and thus, at long last, reach a humane practice of enlightenment.

(Translated by EG)

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  1. Michael Zabawa (Thursday January 21st, 2016)

    Rupert Lays Wunsch nach einer Modernisierung der Aufklärung ist berechtigt. Die Werte der Aufklärung sind durch Kulturrelativismus in Verruf geraten, werden aber auch nicht überzeugend gelebt. Eine Erneuerung der Werte der Aufklärung ist aber dringen geboten, bieten diese doch die Antwort auf die gewaltigen Herausforderungen, vor denen Europa steht. Dies kann man durchaus auch aktiv angehen, siehe Petition auf

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