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2 Kommentare zu “Digitalization: Once Again “Ethics” and “Autonomous Vehicles”.”

  1. Chris Wood (Friday November 11th, 2016)

    Roland, of course it is good to consider such ethical matters, particularly as a pensioner.
    Should an Alzheimer patient be able to allow operations that cannot help him, but may well help others, such as his children?
    I just saw a discussion on TV about this.
    SPD man said yes, with careful safeguards.
    Linke woman said no, because the patient may “want” to cancel the permission, but be unable to make this clear.
    I say yes. Why should I, when demented, be able to cancel decisions that I made when moderately sane?
    Philosophically, ethic is something that evolves. Logical errors should perhaps be avoided, but there is no way to decide logically between good and bad ethic, just as no animal is good or bad.
    Practically, I am conditioned by Christ of the Evangelium, (parables and Sermon on the Mount). But that all depends on a human-centred view of the Universe, (as well as fairly comfortable Roman occupation and some Judaism). And now we know how small in space and time man is.
    (One can only decide between good and bad ethic on the basis of another ethic, such as “God’s will”, or “survival of the species”).
    Roland, you are too keen on state power! Historically, states have a worse record than international companies. When the companies have been really bad, it has always been with state help. Consider tobacco, USA gun law, slavery, road deaths, CO2.
    Perhaps the gun law comes from a desire for poor young blacks to continue killing each other.
    Roland, I hope to get your reaction to this.

  2. rd (Friday November 11th, 2016)

    Hi Chris, I love and like your arguments. But this thoughts have to be done by men. And not by autonom cars.

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