Today, I will ask questions, instead of giving answers!

Does an enterprise work more like a biological system or like a technical machine? What is the actual influence managers have on the development of an enterprise?

Is the behaviour of leaders owed to their great wisdom because they have such special knowledge, or do they have more influence on their teams through – often even sub-conscious – emotional factors?

Are good decisions really based on “dominant logics”? Or is the introduction of rational arguments just the attempt to escape decisions which, by definition, must always have an uncertainty factor? Are we just creating a would-be reality through rational arguments from which the seemingly logical conclusions are drawn?

Can you really plan lives, for example your own life?

Can politicians plan the future of a nation?

Or is all we can do as human beings (partner, friend, entrepreneur, part of the family, member in a club or team, …) just to keep trying to make a more or less significant contribution to a value system, a culture and the permanently happening evolutionary process?

And isn’t it already quite a huge success if we just manage to live our own lives a little better?

Now this was the first article of mine with only question marks at the end of each sentence!

(translated by EG)

🙂 If any of you knows the answers, please send them to me.

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