Roland Dürre
Tuesday January 8th, 2013

Three Pairs of Gloves …

Last week, after having seen the play “Endless Fun” at the Volkstheater near the Stiglmaierplatz, we rode home. We were truly impressed and moved. Some way or other, there was nothing left to say.

At Munich Central Station, we changed from the underground train to the S-Bahn train. The two pairs of seats on the opposite side of the aisle were occupied by a family. They looked like they had an immigration background and apparently were not very wealthy. A middle-aged couple with a son at the threshold to adulthood.

The mother sits at the window, diagonally opposite of me. The son next to me, separated only by the aisle. Father sits opposite of the son, also an aisle seat. On the vacant window seat opposite of mother, they deposited their gloves. They all emanate an abundance of happiness and harmony.

The three must have had a nice evening, at least that is what I think. The good mood is addictive, which is something you get rather rarely in an S-bahn train. It is just wonderful.

Barbara is sitting next to me. She is reading something. I happen to have my Kindle with me. Basically, I never read in the S-Bahn. Because there is so much to see and experience while you sit there. But then I decide to open my Kindle, after all. And I also start reading. It is a stupid, but still rather exciting detective story. The story is called Aurora and it is about murders in the wake of the Cold War.

Once in a while, I glance towards the people riding in the neighbouring group of seats, sharing their happiness. After the exciting play we saw, this feels nice. Then I continue reading.

In Neubiberg, the three of them exit. As they exit, I want to take another look. But it is too late: they already left.

And suddenly, I see their gloves still sitting there on the seat. At this precise moment, the S-Bahn train already departs – taking us to the next station, which is also our final destination: Ottobrunn. We are going to exit here. And suddenly, I get a bad conscience. Because I had busied myself reading. Otherwise, I would certainly have noticed that they forgot their gloves. And I would certainly have prevented their loss.

Now I am truly sorry about this. Because I have to assume that the loss of three pairs of gloves will certainly dampen the feeling of great happiness this small family enjoyed.

Which means an unhappy ending to a nice evening. And I could very easily have prevented it from happening – if only I had not read this stupid detective novel.
Later, my thoughts returned to this experience a few more times. That is why I write it down. Life is certainly strange.

(Translated by EG)

2 Kommentare zu “Three Pairs of Gloves …”

  1. Chris Wood (Wednesday January 9th, 2013)

    But what did you do about the gloves?

  2. rd (Wednesday January 9th, 2013)

    Ich habe sie liegen gelassen, in der Hoffnung, dass dies noch die beste Chance ist, dass die drei sie wiederbekommen.

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