3766-3Yesterday night, I went to the theatre. They played the Unbeständigkeit der Liebe (The fickleness of love) by Pierre Carlet de Marivaux in the Cuvilliés Theatre. It is a wonderful love story about Arlequin loving Silvia and Silvia loving Arlequin back. The end is really amazing. Yes, love can sometimes really be very fickle.

I had an excellent seat in the first row of the beautiful old rokoko Royal Residence Theatre (Residenztheater). The play was phantastic and the audience was in very good shape. There was plenty of applause.

However, this time it was really hard to reach the venue. Because we had the 46th Munich Conference for Security Policy. And, unfortunately, I went shopping at Marienplatz just before going to the theatre. After all, we have to support the government in the attempts it made with the growth improvement law.

That was a mistake, even though I went by subway and consequently on foot. Firstly, there was no way to get near the residence building. For quite some time, it was strictly prohibited to cross the Perusastrasse.

3773-3To be sure, some indignant citizens kept crossing the passage the police had sealed. But I did not dare to follow their example immediately. After almost 15 minutes of waiting, when we were able to break through a place where the police had not succeeded in blocking the passage sufficiently, the entrance of the royal residence was closed. We had to take the long way, through the “Hofgarten” and across “Marstallplatz” and then coming from the rear to the royal residence theatre.

As we crossed from Hofgarten to Marstallplatz, new problems arose. The police did not want to let theatre-goers pass. That motivated some of the ladies in their magnificent furs and gentlemen in coats of fine cloth to really react emotionally. Some even uttered bad words. They seemed to forget that it was not the fault of the police, at all!
As the situation already seemed to start escalating (I was reminded of films from before Christmas showing the fall of the Berlin wall), an elderly police officer opened the barrier and the people were allowed to pass through – of course they had to show their theatre tickets (although we did not get stamps).

3782-3The comments on the harassment situation were really interesting. All of a sudden, people who had grey hair and did not at all look revolutionary were totally against the conference, against the government and against the current policy. I was truly surprised at finding out the revolutionary potential of German theatre-goers.

In the end, I just made it on time for the opening. To be sure, my feet were wet, but otherwise, due to what I had just seen, I was in a very good mood. The play itself, too, was well worth seeing. It was an absolutely stunning performance. My tears were not only due to laughter.

And back home (surprisingly, the subway was hardly late at all), the first thing I did was read up on the SZ about the conference. And I found that senator Liebermann (apparently not a “lieber Mann”) threatened the Teheran regime with sending soldiers.

Humorous times await us. And I find it quite exciting to see what happens in Munich.


I was particularly impressed by the prince and Flaminia. You can see them right here (Flaminia) on the picture and on the picture before this (the prince).

But I am not saying that the other actors fell short. On the contrary, it was a wonderful team.

I took the pictures from the website of the “Bayerisches Staatsschauspiel”.

The copyright is with Thomas Dashuber and it says: photo can be downloaded for free for press purposes. Now I assume that my blog is at least “similar to the press”.

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