Roland Dürre
Thursday December 24th, 2015

A Merry Christmas to You All!

Dear IF Blog readers,

Let me use the special occasion for formulating a few very personal ideas. is something I mainly write for myself. It is like a diary, where I write about topics and ideas that moved me. I feel better for writing them down.

The publication of these ideas is because I like sharing them. Just like I also like hearing about and processing other people’s ideas. None of my ideas was born because I am such a creative personality. All of them contain messages from other persons in my social environment. Because I am part of something bigger. And this something differs between individuals. This is how we all live very individual lives as a collective unit. “Individual” versus “collective” is the most demanding of all balancing acts.

I think if we all were to open up more often, working together we might probably be able to create a better world in the sense of consideration, appreciation, eye-level, belonging, openness, respect, transparency, ratio, trust and values. And we could master many challenges that threaten us with simple and slim solutions.

Under this light, I would like to thank all those persons who once in a while read the IF Blog and wish you all only the best:

A Merry Christmas, a good start of the New Year and health and contentedness as part of a successful year 2016!

Jumbos first birthday. Celebrate your life.

»Jolly Kunjappu – »Jumbo‘s first birthday. Celebrate your life.«
Acryl and wax crayon on canvas

This wonderful picture by my friend Jolly was our Christmas Greetings of 2013 at InterFace AG. If you enlarge it, you will find many positive messages. It is a good likeness of what I would like the IF Blog to be: a colourful message of courage, joy and peace.

(Translated by EG)

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