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  1. Chris Wood (Monday September 27th, 2010)

    I don’t think it would be enough to make the costs transparent. I can have three rounds of physiotherapy for an injury. If I realise after two rounds that I am almost cured, I will still take the third round, which may perhaps still help a bit. I can estimate the cost pretty well; three hours of skilled labour, plus practice costs.
    One could make the patients pay the costs, but the people do not want a system where the poor die of easily curable diseases. Anyway, the poor would then spread disease.
    Alternatively, people could pay for medical services in proportion to their wealth or earnings, as well as in proportion to the costs. There is precedence for this; people pay for minor crimes in proportion to their earnings.
    But this is unfair to those who (by chance) are chronically ill.
    One sees that there is no simple solution. And, of course a complex solution itself adds to the costs.

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