Roland Dürre
Wednesday December 31st, 2014

A Good Start and a Successful 2015!

As every year, I wished all IF Blog readers and friends a “Happy New Year” when the year 2009 came to an end. That was exactly five years ago. My article at the time read:

Tonight, we are going to celebrate the turn of the year. We will bid the year 2009 good-bye and start the year 2010. A new decade awaits us. All the evidence points towards the world undergoing massive change in the coming years.

I would wish for the coming year that the imminent changes take place without violence.

May we remain free from war.

May our social values tolerance and freedom be preserved even in the difficult times that lie ahead.

And may we not admit into our part of the world the atrocities of an inhuman concept of society.

As I see it, none of the aforesaid is now outdated and I fear that all these wishes will be even more important for the next five years. Consequently, I am not going to add anything and wish all my IF Blog readers and my many friends and partners in exactly this spirit:

A healthy and successful year 2015!

May the ounce of luck which is so beneficial for all of us accompany you on all your ways.

SilvesterSchweinThe beautiful picture has been arranged by Rolo Zollner! It, too, was part of the 2009 article.

Thank you, Rolo!


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