Roland Dürre
Wednesday June 7th, 2017

Just a Few Questions.

Roland on his first day at school

When I was young
I had only a few questions.

And I was often sad.

The questions have become more.

It has become harder to answer them.

The older I am,
the more I appreciate
and enjoy life.

And I no longer look for answers.

Because I understand less and less.

But the questions remain …

  • Why do we hate? After all, we know that the person who hates will suffer from it, while the person who is hated has no problem with being at the receiving end of hatred?
  • Why are we greedy but never content? After all, we know that greed makes us unhappy, while being content makes you happy?
  • Why do so many people exactly what they do not want to do?
    Why can lobbyists and marketing experts manipulate people so easily?
  • Why is it so easy to control us?
  • Why do we act against what our body, our brains and our heart need?
  • Why do we not act following the principle: “Give first, take later”, instead following the principle “An eye for an eye”?
  • Why are we set against enjoying work”?
  • Why do we call for an order that suppresses us?
  • Why do we believe we could indeed act responsible if there were no rules but that it is always the others who, unfortunately, cannot?
  • Why are we ready to sacrifice freedom for a little more security?
  • Why are we not prepared to live in the here and now, instead destroying the here and now because we think of the day after tomorrow?
  • Why do we not enjoy our happiness, instead destroying it by fearing future misery?
  • Why do we plan for events that will not happen anyway?
  • Why are we afraid of things that only happen in our minds?
  • Why do we destroy the bodies of people that could easily be our own?
  • Why do we even make our children look smaller, although we know that we ourselves would not wish to be made to look smaller?
  • Why do we buy plastic yoghurt containers although we know that plastic destroys the world?
  • Why do we drive cars although we know it makes us lazy?
  • Why can we not give up habits that we know are evil?
  • Why do we speak in favour of what is wrong although we know it is wrong?
  • Why do we make war, although we know that wars usually do not solve problems?
  • Why do we wage war in other countries, although war has become unthinkable in our country?
  • Why do we help terrorism to grow, although we detest it?
  • Why do we ruin our planet, although we know we only have this one planet?
  • Why do we not give our body what it needs? How about sufficient sleep and exercise and a healthy diet?
  • Why are we afraid to experience our body with lust?
  • Why do we treat time so sluggishly, although we know that time is a commodity that will never return?
  • Why do we refuse to think, although we have brains?
  • Why do we think we are the crown of creation?
  • Why do we think our certainties and convictions are truths?
  • Why do we turn a world of nature into a world of culture by replacing the natural sound of the ocean with the cultural sound of a noisy mega city?
  • Why do we believe growth is a solution, although we know that “less is more”?
  • Why do we expect help when we are in need, but do not help others when they need us?
  • Why do we keep poisoning the air we want to breathe every day
  • Why do we crave security yet love solitude?
  • What is social interaction?
  • What is love?
  • How can we solve the balancing act between “individually and collectively”?

These are probably far too many questions.

However, if you give me another twenty minutes, I am sure I will find more.

And still, I cannot answer them.

But now I would really like to read your questions. And which of my questions are important for you?

Or do you even know some answers!?


(Translated by EG)

1 Kommentar zu “Just a Few Questions.”

  1. Chris Wood (Sunday June 18th, 2017)

    Please excuse my German!
    Das kommt alles von Evolution, meistens direkt von DNS.
    Sonst kann ich nur für mich selbst antworten.:
    • Tue ich nicht, (sogar den Trump nicht).
    • Bin ich nicht, aber gern mehr Freunde hätte.
    • Nicht genau.
    • Übung! (Vergesse die Politiker nicht).
    • Bequemlichkeit.
    • Tue ich nicht.
    • Tue ich nicht.
    • Weil ich solche Arbeit nicht mehr finde.
    • Tue ich nicht.
    • Hybris.
    • Bin ich nicht.
    • Tue ich nicht, aber gut wäre es, mehr an morgen zu denken!
    • Begrenzten Kurzsicht und Egoismus.
    • Tue ich nicht.
    • Habe ich nicht.
    • Verstehe ich nicht.
    • Tue ich nicht. Meine Töchter sind super.
    • Tue ich sehr wenig.
    • Tue ich sehr wenig.
    • Welche Gewohnheiten?
    • Tue ich nicht.
    • Tue ich nicht.
    • Tue ich nicht.
    • Tue ich nicht.
    • Tue ich sehr wenig.
    • Tue ich doch.
    • Angst?
    • Aasen?
    • Denke ich schon.
    • Bisher passt es.
    • Welche Gewissheiten?
    • Um Fußball auf TV zu schauen.
    • Das glaube ich nicht.
    • Ich bezahle Steuer.
    • Tue ich nicht.
    • Weil die anderen problematisch sind.
    • Bumsen?
    • Fortsetzens Drang.
    • Eher schlecht.

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