Roland Dürre
Tuesday July 7th, 2009

Eating, Eating, Eating, Shopping, Shopping, Shopping!

My Norwegian trip is still making me thoughtful.brandeinsessen1 I will write a few articles in order to mentally close it down. Here comes the first.

On the ship, I was one of the very slim people, which is amazing for someone weighing 95 kilograms and all the time trying to get back to his one-time weight of 85.

I found the following data on eating and overweight in Brandeins (copy of Mai 2009, page 85 “Gegessen wird immer”).

Per centage of overweight females in Germany:
Per centage of overweight males in Germany:
Per centage of German women who think they are too fat: 59
Per centage of German men who think they are too fat: 75

I am among both the 51 and 75.

On board ship, many passengers were really obese (sorry for the bluntness). That was not a surprise. Unbelievable quantities of meat, fish, side-dishes, bread, and sweets were piled onto the plates. Occasionally, the eyes were even hungrier than the stomachs.

Also, it was possible to go shopping on the ship. There was a chic “New Mall” with a number of shops open until 11 p.m. – and there was always really much business going on in there.

Shopping is good against boredom, and some people buy a little happiness. Thus, much that was bought was certainly not needed.

🙂 We really are stuck with a predicament: If we do not buy and eat all the time, we get a world economical crisis. If we buy and eat too much – then we get a climate catastrophe (and grow obese).

My resolutions: Less scuffing and instead more of the fine arts, such as theatre, music, clowns and magicians. However, the fine arts should not come out of some modern electronics device, but instead be “live”! And do let us spend more time on our own continuing education; let us learn interesting and important things. Let us be more athletic, why not with a personal trainer, and let us go to the spa more often. All of it should be based regionally.

And, please, more restraint when shopping. Do not let us buy what we do not need. Personally, I managed to go some way in this respect on our trip. In the future, we should focus on quality, value and manufactured items. We should not buy junk and bulk commodities. Why not prefer classical design to modern hype?

However, that is not what our Federal Chancellor does. In order to boost the economy, she borrows money. This is how she fights the world economical crisis. In order to reduce consumption, she increases the added value tax. That will help against the climate catastrophe and finance the measures taken to fight the world economical crisis.

We live in Beautiful Absurdistan.

(Translated by Eg)

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  1. Chris Wood (Tuesday July 7th, 2009)

    Roland hat für die Allgemeinheit genug getan, um ein Luxusleben mit Theater und sogar persönlicher Fitnesstrainer zu verdienen. Die meisten von uns, seine Leser, sollten ehe daran denken wie viel arme Leute es gibt, (besonders in Ausland).

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