On September, 19th, 2013, at 18.00 hours, we of the InterFace AG invite you for another interesting presentation in our “IF Academy” series:

Mailserver & Mail-Client
“History, Basics, Spam&Virusses” or “Concepts for a Private Secure and Reliable Mail Server”.
(Hans Bonfigt / Marc Haber – redoxSystems)

hansbonfigtHans Bonfigt will be our speaker. We are optimistic that his co-author Marc Haber can also come. After the current events and in times of PRISM and Tempora, the timing for this presentation about email and mail in general is just ideal. Consequently, and because we have two of the best experts in the field with us with Hans Bonfigt and Marc, we decided to make a technological IF Forum of this IF Academy event  and invite the extended circle.

Every day, we send and receive many emails. It is our totally normal routine and we might very well often be quite thoughtless about it. The underlying technology seems to be a matter of course, even though, more often than not, it is nowhere near as easy as it looks. Hans Bonfigt will introduce the deep secrets and abysses of email traffic and the underlying technology. Here is his summary:

I will give you a historical introduction to the topic “mail”. You will get to see the roots where rats like spammers, viruses and other parasites feast. Also, I will give a clear differentiation between the terms mail server and mail client. This distinction is important, because a mail client is also among those devices you can host centrally. Eventually, I will show you two operating concepts.

My presentation will be structured as follows: warming-up, basics, introduction (around 20 minutes), actual operating concepts (less than 30 minutes) and live demonstration (10 minutes). This should leave enough time for a discussion.
As always in our IF Forum, we will have our “happy hour” after the discussion. I am quite certain that there will be plenty of exciting material to discuss, especially after this kind of presentation.

About the Speaker:

I first met Hans Bonfigt through the IF blog. Hans is a passionate programmer and IT technologist. He actually learned his craft from scratch and consequently also knows all the “camouflaged” levels of many systems. You will find various articles and comments written by him in the IF blog. They are always straight to the point. He ruthlessly criticizes where the development goes astray and where technology is poorly executed. Also, he points directly towards mistakes frequently made. His outstanding ability is to put things in a nutshell.


As always, the presentation will be held in the seminar zone under the roof of our Unterhaching headquarter building, starting at 18.00 hours. We look forward to welcoming our guests! For registration to this IF Forum, send an E-Mail.

(Translated by EG)

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