Roland Dürre
Wednesday November 3rd, 2010

Gender Balance, also in the CSU

🙂 Now we have the mess – the CSU  has a gender balance for leading positions!

Hotly fought over and now accomplished: the CSU gender balance.

First and foremost, contingents in general, and gender balance proportions in particular make me thoughtful. To be sure, they probably cannot do much harm – but there is no way to say if they will do any good, either. Perhaps they even make some sense temporarily for changing social disparities. But that would probably be the only positive thing to be said about them. After the desired effect has been realized, they should be quickly removed.

Contingencies for men or women are nothing other than a violation of the equality for men and women and the respective law. In clubs with a predominance of women, men will be discriminated against – and vice versa.

Yet nobody takes AGG (Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz – General Equal Treatment Act) seriously, anyway. So why should a political party like the CSU suddenly start with it?

Nevertheless, contingents for women and men in politics, especially also with the CSU, make me particularly thoughtful. According to the Focus magazine, only 18 per cent of all CSU members are female. Thus, the CSU offers an unimagined career chance for women. One might almost accuse the CSU of just using it as a trick for recruiting new (female and ambitious) members. With “ambitious” being a synonym for “disregarding everything else in favour of her career”?

Incidentally, nearly all female CSU members I personally know are the wives of more or less famous CSU men. It would be interesting to find out how many “members through marriage” there are in the party?

Now that is what I call a chance of a lifetime for one of our politicians to get his wife into a good position within the party. Family connections will get even more important and soon it will no longer be just the son who inherits the father’s political career.

But we certainly can do without still more corruption and less competence.


(Translated by EG)

The women’s union of the Ottobrunn CSU is only visible when a flea market is organized. To be sure, the cake is delicious. But the rest is not all that fascinating. Just try to get a sales table if you are a normal citizen. You will not even get a reply to your friendly letter …

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