Roland Dürre
Sunday December 21st, 2014

:-) At Leisure, Available and For Sale …

… but not for any price and everything!

Yes – that is what I am!

From January, 1st, I am at your disposal and willing to sell my skin. Here is a list of the things I probably can do quite well (at least those are the areas where my credentials are not too bad).

Aufgenommen am 3. Oktober 2012 in der Waldwirtschaft mit meiner neuen aus China importierten Mütze

I am not sure if this is the best picture to promote myself:-)

  • Giving presentations on leadership and management which question quite few dogmata.
  • Advertising a New World with more “agility, leanness and openness”.
  • And one which, above all, will be there for humans and the creation.
  • Offering entrepreneurial and human mentoring to open and creative people (both old and young, female and male).
  • Working against social systems that became self-centred.
  • Setting impulses for transformation.
  • Organizing Time-Out in times of crisis in order to gain room for creative ideas and solutions.
  • Finding all those stupid questions which might actually help start-ups and enterprises.
  • Waking people up and opening their eyes.
  • Questioning so-called truths.
  • Finding a new basis for communication..
  • Bringing people together and connecting them in networks.

And more of the same!

So if any of you can offer something in those areas, thank you so much. And know that I am always willing to share the success.

(Translated by EG)

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