Roland Dürre
Sunday March 13th, 2016


Looking for my personal heroes, I found Boris Vian quite early in life. In 1954, he created and sung a radical peace song – Le Déserteur. For me it was a great song in the early 1960ies, truly a “hymn for freedom and peace”.

In 2012, I wrote  how it annoyed me that the #GEMA barricades youtube.

Here is the song:

Jacques Brel is another great singer of freedom songs. He, too, was a hero of my adolescence.
In 1974, Terry Jacks produced the Seasons of the Sun. The song is based on the chanson Le Moribond (“the One Who Dies “) by Jacques Brel.

But here Jacques Brel himself:

Now I wonder who might serve as a model or idol for me. As I see it, Carl Amery and José Saramago are good candidates.

For peace!

(Translated by EG)

I will write at some later time about John Lennon, Barbara and many more …

Because I was asked who is Barbara …

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