Roland Dürre
Wednesday June 6th, 2012

The Future is Female!

As all IF Blog readers know, I think a lot about topics such as management, leadership, entrepreneurship, people in social systems, the nature of things and the like. And I also often write about it. I also write about project management. Once in a while, I actually find a few answers to my own questions. But then there are always new questions.

A short time ago, I wrote an article listing some of my questions. And I received a wonderful comment from Hans Bonfigt. I certainly would not wish to keep said comment from you. Here is what Hans wrote:

Even after 35 years, I have no idea what the nature of “PM” is.  .
But truly successful project management will combine the talents and preferences of all parties concerned to create a vector that points towards the project goal.
PM is a catalyst accelerating the reaction without itself becoming part of it.
And that is why successful project managers are mostly women …

Well, any more questions? I find this a great comment. So you see:

Our Future is Female!

(Translated by EG)

Hans Bonfigt is a friend who things like me on a huge number of topics.

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